Process and manufacturing

We know the weighing needs of the manufacturing and process industries. Our standard products are designed to fit challenging industrial environments, and we’re able to design whole weighing systems on demand, taking different steps of the process into account.
Tamtron’s weighing data cloud services can be implemented in your own business. It helps to make production control accurate and processes faster and more efficient. Up-to-date weighing information is also useful in quality control and tracking defects.

In addition to manufacturing processes, Tamtron offers weighing solutions for shipping and warehousing. Our crane scales are qualified for commercial use and weighing sea cargo according to SOLAS regulations is straightforward with Tamtron on-board and truck scales.


  • Reliable weighing means more profitable business
  • Solutions are designed to fit even the most demanding working environments
  • Great in quality control and tracking defects
  • Enhancing safety and efficiency at worksites
  • Accurate weighing at multiple weighing points of the whole chain

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