Modern truck scale software

Tamtron One Scalex is a modern truck scale software that can be used to connect old or new truck scales, regardless of make. It enables a location-independent center for the management of multiple truck scales and improves the quality, consistency and traceability of the weighing process. Tamtron’s One Cloud makes it possible to combine the weighing data of truck scales and on-board scales and integrate all weighing data into the company’s other systems.

One Scalex - Cloud based Truck Scale software

Why choose One Scalex cloud-based scales instead of traditional scales?

  • User-specific real-time weighing data always available throughout the process
  • Weighing data can seamlessly be integrated with ERP, billing, and inventory management software
  • Browser-based software is always ready to use, with less idle time within the process
  • No need for separate external devices to operate because the software is used on mobile devices and standard PC’s
  • Can be connected to both old and new truck scales, regardless of make
  • The driver can also create an electronic movement document on his smartphone and the system will transfer the data to the national register of movement documents

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  • uses the web-based truck scale software via the user’s own smartphone or existing PC installed in the truck
  • can stay inside the truck during weighing
  • can see their own weighing data and receipts on their own device



  • uses the software with the operator view usually with a PC
  • can work with many scales, even from many sites
  • can also act as a load inspector and take pictures of the load


  • usually use the software on their own smartphone
  • sees the real-time situation of trucks within the site
  • can easily edit weighing data related to the weighing and take pictures of the load



  • Modern tools reduce errors and manual work relating to reporting and invoicing
  • Versatile reports for customers and own organization
  • Automatic transfer of data from weighing to ERP system



  • Less hardware due to mobile use; reduces purchase and maintenance costs
  • Enables creating location-independent control center for many truck scales
  • Enables 24/7 operation without personnel
  • Improves quality, uniformity and traceability
  • One Cloud combines the weighing data of truck scales, on-board scales, platform scales, etc.
  • Digital service with a fixed monthly fee


  • Better data flow between different systems reduces manual input
  • Automatic data transfer to ERP removes the need for manual checks
  • Real-time data always available
  • Customer-specific user rights for different user groups



  • Remote access to weighing data (via mobile devices)
  • The new solution is working towards fully digital solution, thus getting rid of paper receipts and documents
  • Improved safety as the driver can conduct the weighing process from inside the vehicle
  • Improved maintenance due to remote access
  • Automatic software updates. Latest software always in use.
  • Enables offline use