Verified for commercial use

Approved for commercial use, Scalex 1000P is the optimal choice when a truck scale needs to be easy to move, or when you wish to avoid having to build a scale foundation, for example, when earthwork sites change often or a factory is expanded.

The robust steel scale bridge is suitable for weighing semi-trailer trucks and can be installed directly onto solid ground without additional support structures, making the installation and relocating easy. Verified for commercial use, the scale does not need to be re-verified after moving.

Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale
  • Approved for commercial use
  • Accuracy approx. 0.1%
  • Can be installed directly onto solid ground
  • Quick to install and relocate
  • Durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain
Thanks to the scale’s low structure, it is easy to drive a vehicle onto it for weighing. If necessary, the Scalex 1000P truck scale can be equipped with add-ons, such as railings and a heating system. The weighing information can be transferred electronically from the scale for business use.


To ensure optimal functionality, the Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale system is tailored to suit each customer’s needs. Scale bridges are available in standard and customer-specified lengths.

  • Standard bridge lengths: 12 m, 24 m and 26 m
  • Standard width: 3 m

The Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale can be implemented as a one-part or two-part solution. The one-part scale solution is suitable when vehicles are primarily weighed as a whole and there is no need to separate the weight of the tractor and the trailer.

The two-part scale consists of two separate 12 or 13 m scale segments that are installed in tandem. With the two-part scale, a semi-trailer truck can be weighed as a whole or with the tractor and the trailer weighed separately. The semi-trailer truck parts are weighed and the weights are separated simultaneously without moving the vehicle.

If necessary, the segments of the two-part scale can serve as each other’s temporary spare units during disruptions, such as maintenance or cleaning. The scale’s correct functionality can be ensured between periodic verifications by comparing loads weighed by the scale segments.

Tamtron Scalex 1000P Truck Scale


The Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale can be delivered as a partly or fully automated weighing system, in accordance with the customer’s needs. The weighing information is managed with the Windows-based Scalex truck scale software, which features programs for various uses and environments, such as ScalexEKO for waste management facilities and ScalexPRO Energy for power plants. Versatile reporting features are an integral part of all Scalex truck scale software programs.


In the fully automated scale solution, the truck scale is equipped with cameras that identify the vehicle or the license plate and integrated into the transportation control system used by the company. All the driver has to do is drive the vehicle onto the scale bridge, and the information about the vehicle’s weight is forwarded to the company’s system to be used for business purposes.


Instead of a fully automated weighing solution, the truck scale can also be used through a computer, ID card system or driver terminal at the weighing station. In this case, the weighing information transfer method is determined in accordance with the customer’s individual needs.

At its simplest, the scale program can be used on the weighing station computer, whereupon the driver drives the vehicle onto the scale bridge and walks to the nearby computer, fills out the preliminary information and carries out the weight reading with the computer connected to the scale instrument.

The Scalex ID card system is the simplest way to automate the truck scale solution. Weight reading and ancillary information registration are carried out by showing a programmed ID card to the reader installed by the scale bridge while the vehicle is on the scale. The ID card system can also be complemented with additional features, such as access control and gate opening functions.

The Scalex 1000P truck scale system is often complemented with a driver terminal. The functions of the driver terminal are selected in accordance with the customer’s needs. The weighing and vehicle information are registered by the driver, either manually by using the terminal keyboard, or by showing an ID card to the card reader on the terminal. Depending on the specified needs, the weighing event either produces a printed receipt for the driver, or the weighing information is transferred electronically into the company’s ERP or other system. If necessary, the weighing information can also be transferred onto the in-vehicle computer of the truck being weighed.


The truck scale solution is always tailored to suit each customer’s needs. The overall solution can include additional features, such as:

  • Booms
  • Traffic lights
  • Scale bridge heating
  • Driver terminal
  • ID card system
  • Large monitors
  • A license plate identification function
  • A vehicle description function
  • A telephone hotline system
  • Radiation gates
  • ATEX certified systems, such as load cells and junction boxes