Solutions for the battery industry

Sustainability thinking, climate-conscious value choices and digitalisation have driven demand for electronic devices and vehicles in recent years. The significant increase in electricity use to power vehicles has made the growth of battery manufacturing capacity a hot industry investment area.

Tamtron’s weighing solutions for the battery industry enable a safe and cost-effective business. Decades of experience in bulk materials handling and solid expertise in weighing, dosing and conveying technologies provide measurable added value to battery industry operators.


  • Strong practical experience in metal handling.
  • Modular and dust-free solutions for different process steps.
  • Capabilities for automation system supply and upstream system integration.
  • Accurate and high-quality dosing and weighing equipment.
  • Solutions that take into account the safety and ergonomics of workers.
  • Support for installation and deployment, as well as extensive support and spare parts services covering the system’s entire life cycle.

Weighing as part of the battery industry processes

The modular concepts developed by Tamtron, which can be tailored to different applications, also address the needs of the battery industry. Tamtron’s large bagging solutions are versatile and adapt seamlessly to battery industry processes. We consider all the customers’ needs, wishes, and requirements and use them to design functional solutions that work together. From system supply to complete life-cycle maintenance and spare parts service, our solutions ensure agile and reliable process performance for the future.

The concept designed by Tamtron emphasises the efficient use of valuable materials such as lithium, cobalt and nickel at different stages of the manufacturing process. Our modules make it possible to build cathode material handling systems that work seamlessly as part of the customer’s process, contributing to efficiency in every aspect. Safe and reliable units are made from the right components, which means that the equipment also meets the requirements of the ATEX Directive where applicable and guarantees safe working conditions.

Download a guide to purchasing weighing and dosing solutions for the battery industry

Our guide will help especially designers and those responsible for project and purchasing management to choose weighing and dispensing solutions for the battery industry. It provides information on the issues to consider, whether for battery production or recycling

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

Our guide provides designers and those responsible for purchasing a weighing system with information and advice on the needs of modern design and how to get the most out of a weighing system to benefit your business.

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