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Tamtron Group, ESG Statement

Tamtron builds a sustainable future together with its clients

Our aim is to integrate sustainability in everything we do and build our competitiveness through developing products that enable our clients to be more efficient in their processes and logistics, thus reducing their environmental impact.

We target long-term success and reaching that goal, responsible business practices are a necessity. We are committed to our clients, employees and surrounding community and want to develop a more sustainable future with them. We set high ethical standards for our own operations and require compliance also from our partners.

As we are the leading player in our industry, we understand our possibilities and responsibility for making an impact by continuously developing more environmentally friendly products and shaping the market.

Our efforts for better environment

We are an enabler. Our clients operate in industries, where the possibilities to reduce energy consumption through more efficient logistics or processes are substantial. Our client industries include for example waste handling and recycling, forest industry, construction and mining, ports, transportation, other logistics and manufacturing.

While at the same time our products help our clients to be more efficient and reduce costs, whether it is energy, material, or employee costs, we help them to reduce the environmental burden. Weighing on-the-go means uninterrupted logistics or processes and with our new One Cloud services, also integrated administrative tools for securing automatic and smooth flow of information. In practice, this means for example avoiding unnecessary stops for weighing or extra traffic due to the delivery of physical documents.

We develop durable, long-lasting products and with extensive after-sales services, including physical maintenance and software upgrades, we also secure longer life cycles for our clients’ equipment. Our solutions also enable avoiding over-loading and therefore damages to infrastructure and increased risks for accidents.

Most of our R&D efforts, which account for 11% of our revenues, are targeted for products and services, which make the operations of our clients even more fluent and resource efficient.

Our energy or water consumption is limited, but even in this front, we try to reduce our environmental footprint further.

Our aspects on social responsibility

Employees are our most important asset. Taking good care of our existing employees and having a good reputation as an employer, is key for keeping the talent and attracting new talented employees. Therefore, we pay great attention to our employees’ welfare and motivation.

At Tamtron, we want to provide a positive and safe working environment, where attention is paid to the employees’ physical and mental well-being, equality, possibilities for professional development and internal communications.

We carry out bi-annual employee surveys. In the latest one, conducted in 2021, we scored better than industry average in every measured metrics. Our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) was significantly higher than for the peer group (eNPS at 25 vs 2 at peer group). We scored especially well in team leaders and work-life balance evaluations. In 2021, our employee turnover rate was less than 5%. There were no serious injuries to report. Our culture encourages employees to innovate and try new ways of doing things, instead of sticking to old routines and being afraid of failures.

As we operate in several countries, it is vital for us to implement the same standards everywhere. Therefore we have group-wide ethical guidelines. We offer occupational healthcare for all of our employees and they have a right for collective bargaining.

Our aspects on corporate governance

As described in our ISO 9001:2015 quality policy, key focus areas in our operations include professionalism, motivated personnel, and everyone’s responsible actions.

We are known for our excellent reputation and long relationships with clients. To protect our brand, we require high standards also from our distributors. Due to our subcontracting model, we also need to pay significant attention to our supply chain. Primarily, we do this by co-operating with well-known trusted partners and require the subcontractors to have equally high ESG standards as we do.

Data privacy is extremely important for us, as we receive data in connection with providing our services to our clients. We have audited our data security and privacy policy by an external auditor in 2018 and continued to develop our capabilities since then.

Our efforts to improve in the field of ESG will continue

Tamtron takes ESG issues seriously and wants to focus on building a better future together with our clients. We believe that sustainable solutions will be a key competitive differentiator when fighting for new clients and employees in the future. Therefore, continuous development in this area remains a key focus area for us.

Code of Conduct

Tamtron’s Code of Conduct is based on our values: customer success, continuous development, teamwork, and sustainable profitability. These values define how we act and interact with our customers, partners, and colleagues.

We aim to be trustworthy partners for our customers and business partners and are committed to creating value for all our stakeholders. To this end, we expect everyone at Tamtron to adhere to the principles set out in the Code of Conduct, thereby contributing to maintaining the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

The Code of Conduct does not replace or override local laws and regulations. It is a complementary set of ethical standards and guidelines for all Tamtron Group employees.