On-board weighing solutions are an integral part of Tamtron’s broad portfolio. They serve the company’s customers in globally significant industries such as civil engineering, energy, recycling, mining, forestry and ports. In addition, Tamtron is an OEM supplier to domestic and foreign machinery and equipment manufacturers. The wide range of offerings is highly appreciated in the market, as demonstrated by both satisfied customers and Tamtron’s growth.

Efficient on-board weighing solutions rely on good cooperation

In 2023, Tamtron achieved a record performance in on-board weighing solutions despite the challenging market situation and industry downturn. Our business has been growing for several years in Finland and internationally, and we have succeeded in both new markets and customer wins.

Tamtron owes much of its success to its customers, as the company’s core competence has been honed over the years through collaborative development with its customers. Close cooperation enables Tamtron to enhance current solutions, making them more user-friendly and easier to install. This, in turn, ensures that we can consistently offer the best solutions to meet its customers’ needs.

Comprehensive product range and continuous product development

Tamtron’s on-board product range covers solutions for various industries and machinery. For example, the One Bioforest and the One Timber scales enable real-time weighing of timber quantities for moving and loading from the logging site, meeting the needs of the forestry industry. Tamtron One Power container scales and loader scales weigh the gross mass of freight containers accurately and in compliance with SOLAS regulations.

In addition to wheeled machines, our on-board solutions can be installed in forklifts, log loaders and material handling equipment in the materials sorting industry, in waste trucks and material handling equipment in the recycling industry, and in dumpers in the earthmoving and mining industry.

In addition to further refining existing solutions, our product development work enables growth, particularly by creating entirely new products and applications that further expand our offering.
At the very least, waste management and recycling are fast-growing and particularly interesting sectors for weighing solutions for on-board solutions. Tamtron has, therefore, invested heavily in solutions for this segment in recent years and sees plenty of growth opportunities for the future.


A diversified portfolio requires diversified skills

In such a broad range of industries requiring on-board solutions, Tamtron’s role in ensuring the continuity of customers’ business requires a wide range of experience and expertise. At Tamtron, our weighing technology expertise is combined with our knowledge of the manufacturing, process and logistics sectors, enabling us to help our customers collect and manage reliable weighing data in a timely manner while working.

In the customer solutions we deliver, our strengths lie in our durable, high-quality equipment and the modern cloud services and interfaces we provide to our customers’ systems. We will continue to work closely with our customers to develop our on-board and other weighing solutions in the future. Our commitment to continuous innovation and customer collaboration will ensure that we continue to offer the best solutions on the market.

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