Tamtron Modernisation services

Weighing and dispensing modernisation services for industry

Technology evolves, the needs of the measuring, processing or dosing equipment change and the capacity pressures on production increase over the system’s life cycle. Alongside new acquisitions and significant investments, it is often necessary to consider modernising old weighing equipment to meet today’s requirements.

Modernisation often involves replacing electronics in the control equipment. This may be due to the ageing of electronics and the decreasing availability of spare parts. Mechanical modernization results from corrosion, ageing of structures, wear and tear and the need to modify production lines.

Tamtron’s modernisation product is not just “iron”, but as an equipment manufacturer, we have an excellent understanding of the life cycle of equipment, its timely replacement, the most modern equipment and technologies, and the prospects for measuring and dosing equipment.

Examples of Tamtron’s modernisation services

  • Systems modernisation and upgrading services
  • Control system modernisation services (PLC and interfaces)
  • Upgrades of scales, components and scales
  • Modernisation of scale structures and interfaces
  • Modifications to weighing capacity of scales
  • Improved equipment efficiency, production reliability and end-product quality
  • Up-to-date electronics
  • Improved availability of spare parts
  • We help determine the right timing for modernization and the best solution for product management.
  • Continuous production becomes more efficient, and it is easier to maintain the information needs of stakeholders.

Installation and commissioning ensure successful modernisation

Successful installation and commissioning are paramount when bringing equipment or facilities back into production after a shutdown. Automation and maintenance services ensure the modernization schedule’s success and the equipment’s commissioning in accordance with the requirements, including the necessary inspections. Tamtron has extensive rights for inspecting and commissioning various types of horizontal and metrological equipment.

Mobile applications and online services can also replace traditional control solutions. Instead of investing, modernisation can be easily implemented as a ready-to-use service and adapted to the customer’s needs.

a Tamtron expert ensures the smooth running of the customer's modernization project.

Tamtron expert ensures the smooth running of the customer’s modernisation project

Scales as part of the digital weighing service at the same time as modernisation

When modernising, connecting the scales to the mScales digital weighing service makes sense. The digital weighing service automates the processing of weighing data, making the overall process and workflow significantly more efficient.

Find out more about mScales on the service’s website.

You can also sign up for a free demo of the mScales weighing service. During the demo, our expert will explain how the mScales digital weighing service works and the benefits it brings for improving business efficiency. You can also test the mScales service yourself during the demo.

Jari Brandt
Vice Precident, Services, Industrial Weighing