Easy-to-use weighing terminals for demanding environments

Tamtron offers a wide variety of weighing terminals and dosing controllers for many industrial applications, such as accurate weighing, controlled, fast filling and dosing, check weighing, and material flow measurement and regulation. Tamtron’s weighing terminals work as a part of an entity that optimizes process operation and production quality, thus saving time and money.

Tamtron’s weighing terminals are specially meant for demanding industrial environments in which their high protection class enables reliable operation. This has been achieved primarily through efficient signal filtering, which filters out signals that expose the weighing terminal to electrical interference so that only the actual measurement signal remains.

Tamtron’s weighing terminals are also suitable for commercial use regulated by law, requiring a regularly certified type approval. With extensive experience in challenging weighing environments and a solid knowledge of the regulations governing scales and their use, Tamtron’s range always offers the best solution for various industrial weighing applications. Weighing terminals are usually supplied as a part of a larger supply, but both terminals and components are also available as spare parts. Product quality is guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification.

The most essential strengths of Tamtron’s weighing terminals are:

  • Suitability for demanding industrial needs and commercial weighing
  • Wide variety of weighing terminals, dosing controls and check weighing controls
  • Equipment is easy to use
  • Long and extensive experience in weighing and dispensing equipment

WA-800 and WA-900 series weighing terminals and dosing controllers for accurate and fast weighing and dosing control

WA-800 series

The scales and dosing controllers of the WA-800 product family are specially designed for demanding industrial weighing applications. They are suitable both as an independent weighing terminal and as a connected part of a broader system.

The WA-800 devices are installed on the wall or a table – the model WA-802r must be mounted on a rail. The housing is made of stainless steel and has a protection class of IP65. The housing of the WA-802r device is made of stainless steel and protection class IP20; the device is mounted on a DIN rail.

Models of the WA-800 product family

WA-802 Weighing terminal – Versatile weighing applications
WA-802r Weighing terminal – DIN rail mounting, weighing applications
WA-804 Totalizing hopper scale controller – Receiving and loading applications
WA-805 Filling Dosing Controller – Automatic dosing applications
WA-806 Discharge Dosing Controller – Automatic dosing applications
WA-807 Checkweighing controller – Automatic checkweighing
WA-810 totalizing belt scale controller – Belt weighing applications

Connection to the host system is easy and several bus options are available: Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, Profibus, Profinet and DeviceNet. WA-800 series devices are also approved for commercial weighing.

WA-900 series


The WA-903+ is a stable weighing transmitter, the design of which has focused primarily on the device’s easy connectivity and field installation suitability. Another unique feature of the WA-903+ weighing transmitter is its separate measurement channel for each sensor, of which up to 8 can be connected to the device. The A/D conversion of each sensor is done independently with its converter and summed digitally.

The measurement of individual channels enables, among other things, the following advantages: 

  • Automatic corner tuning
  • In use, measurement of weight distribution with a scale and a single sensor
  • In the event of a fault, quick localization of the faulty sensor
  • In weighing systems, implementing several scales with one transmitter and using different types of sensors in the same scale.

Connecting the WA-903+ to other systems is easy and reliable with Ethernet or standard field cables. The data transfer protocol can be ModBus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP, Profinet, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU. The device has its own high-speed digital outputs for fast actuator controls required by critical dosing processes, for which the speed of the upper system might not be sufficient.

Typical applications for the WA-903+ are car scales, tank and silo weighing, and data collection and dosing processes. The WA-903+ is also suitable for stable single-zone, multi-zone or multi-scale applications (3 zones).


The WA-951+ Dosing controller is designed for fast and accurate dosing and weighing control in the most demanding applications. The controller controls and monitors batch dosing with filling and emptying precisely and optimizes the operation of the process automatically. This guarantees the best possible dosing accuracy and efficiency, even if the conditions in the process change slightly.

The controller is particularly suitable for industrial dosing systems, where both reliability and adaptability are required. Typical applications are the controlling, filling, and emptying of bulk material in the dosing processes of, for example, the dry goods industry, mixing systems, and the food industry.

The WA-951+ controller can be used as an independent controller, but most often the controller is integrated into the rest of the factory’s control system. Using the controller also speeds up planning and reduces errors, because the functions related to dosing control are performed with the controller’s standard software and not, for example, always on a project-specific basis in the upper system.

The controller’s standard software includes e.g. the following dosing functions:

  • Three-stage dosing: coarse feed, fast fine feed and fine feed – the length and/or dose amount of each phase is automatically adjusted based on the selected criteria
  • Negative or positive dosing
  • Automatic cut-off advance correction
  • Automatic dosing restart if the dose is too far from the target
  • Control of dosage tolerances
  • Detailed and unambiguous alerts
  • Material information

Data sheets

Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-800
Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-802
Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-804
Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-805
Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-806
Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-807
Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-810
Data Sheet Weighing Terminal WA-903+