Report suspected misconduct

Reporting suspected misconduct

It is important for us in Tamtron that the principles laid out in our Code of Conduct are implemented and adhered to in practice.

If you observe any violations related to compliance with Tamtron Group’s Code of Conduct, the Group’s other operating principles or legislation, report these observations via the Tamtron’s Whistleblow channel.

The Tamtron Whistleblow channel is secure and confidential. To ensure confidentiality, the channel is maintained by an external partner (Easywhistle Oy). The reports are submitted via encrypted connections and protected by passwords. All reports are handled in strict confidence.

Tamtron whistleblowing channel is not intended for customer feedback or reporting problems related to personal disputes. For ordinary correspondence pertaining to Tamtron’s operations, customer feedback and enquiries, please contact our personnel (the contact details for our various functions are available here) or send an e-mail to weighing(a)

Tamtron’s Whistleblow channel is available in several languages.

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