High-quality and versatile weights for calibration and verification

To enable weighing equipment to have a long service life and to keep their operation stable, they must occasionally be adjusted and certified. The life cycle of a scale also includes regular and statutory inspections. To ensure the reliability of the weighing device, it can be checked with the help of a calibrated weight. Tamtron supplies high-quality checking and calibration weights for checks, verifications, tuning, and scale calibrations.

With years of experience, Tamtron also performs scale tuning, verifications, and calibrations as a service. In this way, the customer does not have to use resources to ensure that the scale works reliably and under regulations even in the future.

Weights for every need

The most miniature weight available from Tamtron is 1 mg, but it also manufactures large weights, 3000d and 5000d, whose masses range from 100 to 5000 kg. Weights are available in different materials and different shapes.

Tamtron supplies, for example, a hook, cylinder, wedge, wire, plate, and various reciprocating weights. The weights are manufactured entirely according to the customer’s measurements if necessary. Weights are delivered to all industries, such as food, chemicals, metal, and construction.

 Accuracy with accredited calibrated weights

In weighing applications of commercial or production processes, the measurement results must remain accurate and reliable. Accredited* calibrated weights are available according to OIML R111 regulations with accuracy classes M2-E1 and scales M2-E2 equipped with a K019 calibration certificate. This way, Tamtron’s customers can be sure that scales are checked, certified, tuned, and calibrated accurately with the help of the weights. Customer weights can also be recalibrated in Tamtron’s K019 laboratory.

*Information about our activities included in the accredited area of competence can be seen on this page of FINAS.

Versatile accessories

Tamtron also offers accessories to facilitate the handling and storage of weights:

  • Plastic, wooden, and clean room enclosures
  • Tweezers
  • Weighing forks
  • Weighing brushes
  • Cotton gloves

Weight rental for calibration and verification of scales

Tamtron rents accredited* calibrated weights for checking scales or other measuring devices. The weight has a measurement mark, so you can be confident that your comparison mass is high quality.

The measurement results must remain accurate and reliable in commercial or production processes weighing applications. The sizes for rental weights range from 20 kg to 2000 kg. Accredited calibrated weights are available according to OIML R111 regulations with accuracy classes M2-E1 and equipped with a K019 calibration certificate.

When the scale needs tuning or a regular inspection, you can rent the weights required for the inspection from Tamtron at a convenient time for the desired mass. The customer’s needs are mapped out, and guidance is given in weighing selections, e.g., in terms of masses and different classifications. The weights are delivered for use according to the agreed deadline. Deliveries are arranged precisely and quickly, even on the day of the order.

Solutions to make the entire weighing chain more efficient

Tamtron serves all customer challenges and questions related to weighing, whether it is projects related to scales, weighing equipment, spare parts, or maintenance. With the help of long and large-scale experience, it is possible to map and identify needs and offer solutions that serve the customer’s weighing chain.

  • With the help of high-quality weights, the measurement result of the scale remains accurate and reliable
  • Weights are available in many weights and shapes and are made of different materials.
  • If necessary, the weight is made entirely according to wishes.