Correct mounting kit ensures accurate weighing and safe operation

Tamtron supplies the necessary mounting kits and spare parts for various weighing and force measurement applications with years of experience and a fast schedule.

An appropriate mounting kit ensures accurate weighing and safe operation of a system. A mounting kit facilitates the installation of a scale, the attachment of a sensor, and the transmission of force to the sensor. A properly selected mounting kit also eliminates the effects of interference and side forces on the weighing result during operation.

The mounting kit should be selected to take advantage of the full accuracy offered by the sensor. For the most effective solution, the mounting kits should be equipped with the features required by the location of use and its conditions.

Mounting kits with horizontal and vertical limiters

Tamtron also manufactures mounting kits with horizontal and vertical limiters for situations where high lateral or upward forces are applied to the weighbridge. When equipped with selected mechanical motion limiters, the mounting kit can prevent, for example, sensors from breaking or an outdoor silo from tipping over.

Mounting kits with mechanical limiters are used in truck scales, for weighing outdoor silos, and for mixer weighing. Tamtron offers a wide range of options but, if required, custom builds kits with motion limiters to meet the expected disturbance forces.

Dependable supplier, high-quality products

Tamtron’s mounting kits are EU approved structures for stable and certified scales and are also suitable for commercial use.

With decades of experience in the manufacture and supply of weighing and measuring equipment, Tamtron’s expertise and ability to find the best solutions for all customer needs is guaranteed. The service is supported by:

  • Wide variety of mounting kits for different purposes
  • Horizontal and vertical limiters for the mounting kits
  • Spare parts and servicing in a dependable and timely manner

Data sheets

Data Sheet Mounting Kit BC5
Data Sheet Mounting Kit RCK
Data Sheet Mounting Kit REK
Data Sheet Mounting Kit Z6