Quality Policy

Tamtron is a Finnish company specialized in weighing technology that markets, manufactures, designs, delivers and maintains scales, their peripheral devices and management systems for weighing information. The customer base consists of domestic and international companies. Operations of the Tamtron are based on high quality and on the extensive acknowledgment of customer needs in the applications.

Our most important principles in service activities are high-class products, customer satisfaction, and maintenance and support services for the comprehensive life cycle of the delivered equipment. The key factors of Tamtron are being close to the customer, willingness to serve, professionalism and motivated personnel and everyone’s independent and responsible actions.

The corner stones of operation, besides sales, are product development, operative production and maintenance services. The success of the aforementioned activities requires good and flexible production, financial administration, procurement, and personnel that is professional and motivated. Tamtron also obliges its subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to sustain quality matters.  All the aforementioned activities are described in the Tamtron ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

In addition to excellent products, demands of the customers require flexibility of operations and services. With the activity of sales, customer feedback and active product development we continuously develop our products and services. The company has defined in its strategy as its goal the best customer experience and factors affecting to that. The customer satisfaction measurement is managed based on these variables, so that one can measure, monitor and estimate results in the company. Our organization model is a learning one, where a better and more competitive product or service will be developed due to each mistake.

Reaching the previously stated goals requires functioning quality management and quality control. The operation of the quality system is monitored by measuring customer satisfaction, with internal audits performed at least once a year, and with quality reviews by the board.

The prerequisite of a functioning quality system is that the whole personnel commit to it, relies on it in its activities and has initiative in developing the system further on. Especially important is that the management displays leadership and its commitment by supporting actively the quality system and that the system develops into a tool that conducts daily operative actions. Company’s top management at Tamtron include the board of directors and the management team.

The quality goals of Tamtron are:

  • our clients receive the agreed product or service in the agreed time
  • customer satisfaction
  • competitive products
  • functioning production
  • functioning maintenance
  • constant evaluation and development of operations

Achieving the goals set in the quality management system requires being aware of the substantial, underlying -both external and internal- matters and the constant tracking of these, which enables remedial actions. Review of the operational environment and quality goals is to be done as a part of the company’s design process and is to be evaluated at planned intervals in the management reviews. Likewise, stakeholders’ relevant demands and changes in these as the prerequisite for achieving goals are to be surveyed as a part of the design process and are to be evaluated in the management reviews.