Belt scales for demanding industrial environments

Belt scales are needed when uninterrupted, automatic, and accurate material flow monitoring is required. They can also be easily integrated into a continuous bulk material handling system.

In a demanding industrial environment, a belt scale must be accurate, reliable, versatile, easy to integrate with the customer’s systems and easy to maintain. Typical applications for belt scales include the building materials, mining, chemical, fertilizer, metallurgical and food industries. In addition, belt scales are used in ports, loading, and unloading equipment and power plants, where Tamtron has supplied emission trading weights for emission measurement.

  • Accurate, reliable, and fail-safe.
  • Suitable for demanding industrial environments.
  • Connectable to customer systems and easy to maintain.
  • Periodic checks and maintenance ensure a long service life.
  • Low profile design allows for quick and easy installation on an existing belt conveyor.
  • Also for commercial weighing.
  • Service with a long experience from scale selection to accessories, commissioning, and after-sales service.

Belt scales for material flow monitoring

Belt scales consist of a weighing mechanism and a weighing head. Check weighs are usually included in the delivery to facilitate in-service maintenance checks.

Tamtron supplies belt scales in accuracy classes 2, 1 and 0,5. Typical applications include chipping, sand, crushed stone, coal, ore, cement, and fertilizer conveyors with material mass flows of 1-6000 t/h and belt widths of 400-2400 mm.

The belt scale is installed under the belt of an existing conveyor in place of one of the rollers. Tamtron also supplies conveyor belt feeders, which feed bulk material into the process at the desired mass flow rate.