Designed for control weighing

Weighing vehicles reliably in motion, the axle scale is suitable for control weighing, overload control and traffic flow monitoring alike.

The Tamtron Scalex DW600 axle scale is a scale designed for control weighing that weighs vehicles as they drive over the scale bridge, enabling factories and plants to monitor their traffic flows. It also enables traffic control at non-stop traffic sites such as border crossing stations and harbours.


  • Weighs vehicles in motion
  • Accuracy approx. 2%
  • Provides axle and vehicle-specific weighing information
  • Quick to install
Tamtron Scalex DW600 axle scale


The electronic weighing information transfer method and utilisation model is always designed in accordance with the customer’s needs. For example, the user interface of an axle scale used at a border station for control weighing purposes can be programmed to trigger an alarm whenever an axle or total weight exceeds the allowed limit. The scale can also be connected to add-ons, such as traffic lights that indicate an overload.

When the scale is used by a factory or a plant, the information of a weighing event is typically sent directly to the customer’s ERP, factory automation or invoicing system. The information transfer can be one or two-way, depending on the requirements of the operation. The weighing information is managed with the Windows-based Scalex truck scale software, which features programs for various uses and environments, such as ScalexEKO for waste management facilities and ScalexPRO Energy for power plants. Versatile reporting features are an integral part of all Scalex truck scale software programs.

Tamtron Scalex DW600 Axle Scale


The truck scale solution is always tailored to suit each customer’s needs. The overall solution can include additional features, such as:

  • Booms
  • Traffic lights
  • Scale bridge heating
  • Driver terminal
  • ID card system
  • Large monitors
  • A license plate identification function
  • A vehicle description function
  • A telephone hotline system
  • Radiation gates
  • ATEX certified systems, such as load cells and junction boxes
Tamtron Scalex DW600 Axle Scale