Truck scales with decades of experience

A truck scale is the most accurate and efficient instrument for measuring bulk materials and liquids. The scales supplied by Tamtron are EU-type-approved for commercial use, so weighing results can be used as a basis for invoicing. Tamtron has been granted inspection rights to perform maintenance and initial verification of truck scales.

Truck scales are always designed with the customer’s business and operating conditions in mind. Especially in the Nordic countries, the scales’ design must consider the requirements for reliability in extreme winter conditions. Tamtron has delivered more than 1,000 truck scales to industries such as forestry, steel, mining, circular economy, energy production, port and logistics.

Tamtron’s truck scales, combined with the state-of-the-art mScales cloud service software, form a seamless package that can be stand-alone or connected to a business or billing system.

With mScales, weighing is carried out safely and securely from the vehicle via a mobile device. This eliminates the need to maintain driver terminals and other devices.

  • EU type-approved for commercial use.
  • Accuracy according to OIML III
  • Scope of delivery according to contract
  • Extensive maintenance and remote support services ensure trouble-free operation for the life of the scale.
  • With the digital weighing service mScales, weighing is carried out safely from the vehicle. At the same time, maintaining driver terminals and other devices is no longer necessary.
  • Weighing data can be managed and reported in real time and quickly transferred to invoicing.

Steel and concrete truck scales

Tamtron supplies truck scales from 13 metres up to 39 metres HCT scales. In addition to these, we manufacture customised bridge solutions for weighing special vehicles, such as dumper trucks. The scales are available in steel and concrete construction for in-ground and surface-mounted applications.

Concrete truck scales are generally intended for fixed installation, while steel truck scales are suitable for applications without a fixed foundation. Such applications include, for example, operating on a leased plot or other project weighing needs.

Tamtron supplies the truck scales on foundations made by the customer.

The mScales mobile weighing solution has significantly reduced the number of devices. In addition to the measurement electronics, the standard delivery includes:

  • Traffic lights
  • Weight displays
  • Cameras for automatic vehicle and load photography

Digital weighing service automates the weighing process

Existing scales can also be easily connected to the mScales weighing service. In addition to truck scales, the mScales service can be used with load, floor, tank, and belt scales.

You can read more about mScales on the service’s website. You can also sign up for a free demo of the mScales weighing service. During the demo, our expert will explain how the mScales digital weighing service works and the benefits it brings to your business. You can also test the mScales service yourself during the demo.

Rental scales offer a low-cost weighing solution without equipment investment

With a length of 13m and a weighing capacity of 50t, the rental scale offers a worry-free and quick solution for short-term truck weighing needs. The rental scale is delivered to the installation site freighted, installed, and certified for commercial use. Delivery includes mScales weighing service software with a 4G connection for the rental duration.

Vuokrattava autovaaka toimitetaan kaupalliseen käyttöön varmennettuna

Rental truck scales are delivered certified for commercial use.