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In the case of an overload, or when the load gets stuck, the overload protection unit stops the lift, preventing accidents. The unit has a memory, that can be used for tracking the cranes overall stress.

  • Can be installed in new machines and those already in use
  • Easy deployment
  • Easy to calibrate
Weighing solutions for industrial use



  • Three adjustable alarm limits
  • Can be used either for the load from one load cell or the sum of two load cells


  • Three adjustable alarm limits
  • Individual control of two load cells
  • Sum of two load cells


The Overload Protection Unit is an overload indicator designed to help users avoid damage to equipment and personal injuries, and prevents the machine from getting damaged by stopping lifts if the crane is overloaded or the load gets stuck. The OPU is typically used with cranes, hoists, elevators, lifters and gears. The OPU can also be used for stability control: preventing a machine from falling due to being unbalanced. The Tamtron OPU facilitates accurate and reliable overload supervision even in the most demanding conditions. Automatic diagnostics constantly monitor the condition of cables and the OPU’s weighing sensors, ensuring that the device functions reliably. The OPU stores the details of any potential overload incidents, along with the date and time, in its memory, and from here the information can easily be transferred to a computer by cable. With the load tracking function, the overall stress of the crane can be saved to the OPU’s memory, and information from any chosen period of time can be reviewed and utilised, to define optimal service intervals, for example. As an option, a 4–20 mA current signal amplifier is available, to allow for the signal to be read by a PLC.

Tamtron OPU Overload Protection unit
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