Spare parts

Spare parts service for weighing equipment

With Tamtron’s spare parts service, you can minimise disruption to your processes and business. We ensure that spare parts for the equipment and systems we supply are available quickly and reliably. Comprehensive technical support is also available to all our customers.

With decades of experience, we know the equipment for weighing, dosing and force measurement, as well as their operation and maintenance needs. The weighing solutions we manufacture last for years, which is why we are also long-term in our spare parts management – spare parts are available for our weighing systems, even if it’s been a long time since purchase.

Our reliable network of suppliers ensures good availability. We supply original spare parts for all our scales for sale. For contract customers, we arrange our own spare parts stock if required. We also have spare parts available for other manufacturers’ products, which allows us to guarantee a wide range of scales.

Spare parts for weighing and dosing systems quickly

The need for spare parts often comes quickly and unexpectedly. We focus on good product availability and fast delivery, so all the most commonly used weighing components, such as weighing sensors, mounting kits, weighing transmitters, weighing heads and connection boxes, are directly available from our stock. In Finland, fast spare parts deliveries are possible by all delivery methods. For overseas deliveries, we use courier services to ensure smooth delivery.

We recommend sourcing our stock’s most critical spare parts when supplying scales and power measuring equipment. This allows problems to be solved in advance and minimizes damage during downtime. Tamtron’s installation and maintenance staff can also help you select critical spare parts during the installation and commissioning of your equipment.

Our service personnel will replace spare parts and repair the balance or other equipment. Tamtron also has the right to maintain sealing of the scales, so commercial use can continue after the repair until the end of the certification period.

As a spare parts supplier for weighing and dispensing equipment, we guarantee that:

  • Excellent availability of spare parts.
  • Repairs and spare part replacements are carried out quickly by expert service staff.
  • Our service personnel are qualified to service scales.
  • We assist in the selection of critical spare parts during deployment.
Our service attitude is on target, and we are easy to reach. And our strength is that we always carry the most typical, original spare parts. This means we can repair even a major mechanical failure in most cases.
Vesa Kalliokoski
Tamtron service partner
On-Board Weighing
Erkki Salo
Sales Manager, Weighing components and spare parts, Industrial weighing