Customized big bag weighing and big bag filling stations

Tamtron designs and manufactures big bag scales and big bag filling stations for commercial or non-commercial use according to the customer’s needs.

Our versatile big bagging solutions are ideally suited and adapted to different needs. Tamtron has supplied hundreds of big bagging machines to the food, chemical, construction and metal industries. All dry, free-flowing materials are suitable for bagging. For example, fertilizers, animal feed, flakes, cereals, other cereal products, sugar, metallurgical concentrates (copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt, etc.), wood pellets, floor screeds, cement, circular economy products, mulch, peat, etc.

We provide a complete service from design to manufacturing and maintenance. We always map the customer’s needs and clarify the initial data. For example, the material to be bagged must be known to choose the most suitable bag and bagging method.

  • The design of the bagging station takes into account the customer’s needs.
  • Tamtron has long experience in handling different materials and their requirements.
  • Tamtron’s large bagging scales are also suitable for commercial use.
  • A complete service from design to manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Old large bagging scales can be modernized into automatic bagging stations.
  • The large bagging stations are CE-marked and always comply with the EU-type examination certificate and the Machinery Directive.
  • We pay attention to work ergonomics and safety and ensure dust-free operation with closed solutions.

Big bag filling stations

Big bag filling stations are used to bag materials and products. The products can be intermediate products of the process, which are transferred to a temporary storage area to await final processing or the final product to be delivered to the customer. A bag filling station does not necessarily need to be equipped with weighing sensors if the bag filling level can be determined by other means.

Big bag unloading stations

Tamtron designs and manufactures big bag unloading stations for various industries and materials. For more challenging materials, the unloading stations can be equipped with, for example, clod crushers and pneumatic bag buffers to ensure that the bags are emptied. In addition, an intermediate tank can sometimes be added to ensure a steady flow.

The design and manufacturing process always takes into account work ergonomics and safety, and enclosed solutions aim to minimize dust. Easily interchangeable “unloading heads” with similar sealing solutions are available for large bags of different sizes and dimensions.

If required, the unloading stations for large bags can be equipped with weighing sensors and a weighing head, allowing the transfer of weighing data to the upper system and factory automation.

Big bagging scales for commercial and non-commercial use

The scale is used in commercial applications where the weighing result determines the price of a product or service. The design and operation of the scales must meet specific criteria, which are defined by laws, directives and many other standards. In addition, the design and implementation of the automation associated with the weighing instrument is not as straightforward as that of a non-commercial weighing instrument. Therefore, the design of a commercial scale requires a different level of expertise from that of a basic process scale to meet the legal requirements.

Commercial weighing

The weighing instrument produces a weighing receipt, according to which the customer is billed:

  • By specific weight (e.g. 1000 kg ± 50 g)
  • Non-volume (e.g. 997 kg ±50 g, 1001,8 kg ±50 g), i.e. large sacks of approximately 1000 kg

Non-commercial weighing

The scale will produce a weighing record, but this is not acceptable as a basis for invoicing.

Modernization of the big bagging scale to comply with the certificates

Tamtron also modernizes old big bagging scales into automatic bagging stations. After the modification, the equipment must comply with the EU-type examination certificate, and the sensors must have a test certificate. At Tamtron, we can also help when it is time to modernize or repair an old large bagging scale.

Accessories for a big bagging station

  • Dosing equipment
  • Top tanks
  • Care and maintenance levels
  • Material handling equipment (screw conveyors, belt conveyors, fluid hoses)
  • Components for fluidization
  • Conveyors for transferring filled bags
  • Dedusting equipment
  • Design

Big bagging station with weighing

Big bag unloading station with additional equipment