Railway Scale Description

SilverPoint is a modern automatic dynamic railway weighing system for weighing of railway train and wagons and for monitoring their other weight parameters. The system is available both in a technology version and in a commercial-use version (type-approved measuring device for commercial purposes).

Advantages of SilverPoint Railway Scale

  • dynamic weighing system for measuring the weight of a train and wagons and for checking the lateral and longitudinal overloading of individual wagon in motion
  • scale suitable also for checking errors caused during wagon loading
  • excellent accuracy, type-approved measuring device
  • very easy to install, no disruption to the transport operations
  • also suitable for technological weighing
  • possibility of connection to Tamtron OCR system for the monitoring of wagons and containers

Specifications of SilverPoint Railway Scale

SilverPoint dynamic scale is capable of monitoring/measuring wagon weight parameters such as axle and boogie loads, and of measuring its total weight. The system also provides the total weight of the train set being weighed and the speed at which the weighing was carried out. In addition, the system compares the weights of the wagon boogies with each other to detect incorrectly loaded wagons, both longitudinally and laterally.

SilverPoint dynamic scale for commercial purposes measures individual wagons weights and the total weight of the train set in commercial quality. In addition, the system is also capable of detecting incorrectly-loaded wagons, both longitudinally and laterally, as is the case with the technology version of the SilverPoint scale.

Fully Automatic Weighing System

SilverPoint dynamic scale can operate in a fully automatic mode without the need for scale operator intervention, or as a classic operator-controlled railway dynamic scale.

In the automatic mode, the weighing data is transferred from the scale to the user’s superordinate system which further processes it according to the user’s need and purpose.

In the case of a standard weighing performed by the operator from their PC, the scale is equipped with the data-processing and operator user software ScalexPC – railway scale with all standard functions such as databases of customers, wagons, materials or products, etc. The system enables the printing of not only weight tickets, but also various reports defined by the user.

Scale Installation

SilverPoint scale can be installed quickly and easily without the need for any civil works modifications or interference to rail bad. Load cells are installed directly in the rails of all standard types without the need to cut the rails. The track into which the scale is installed should meet the manufacturer’s slope and flatness requirements. The scale’s measuring electronics, including an industrial computer with analysis software, are located either in a separate outdoor cabinet next to the tracks, or in a cabinet inside any nearby building, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The installation is carried out without the need to interrupt the operation on the railway track; no track closure is required. Typically, the total installation time is three days. The installation of the scale itself, including the electronic parts and static calibration, takes two days. For static calibration, no weights or a special load (tare) wagon are required. On the third day, dynamic calibration is performed with wagons of known weight.

SilverPoint Dynamic Railway Scale Technical Data

Weighbridge: steel structure.

Weight capacity: 40 t / axle.

Scale grade: e = d = 100 kg.

Weighing range: 1 t – 40 t for a single axle.

Max. weighing speed: 40 km/h.

Min. weighing speed: 1 km/h.

Crossing speed: unlimited.

Wagon types: all standard wagons.

Weighing accuracy*): maximum permissible error of 2% for an individual train carriage and of 1% for the entire train (total weight of the train set) depending on the quality of the track before and after the weighing.

Type approval: EC-Type Examination Approval number TCM 128/15 – 5310.

Rail type: all standard railway rails such as S49, R60, R65, etc.

Operating temperature: -30ºC to +40ºC.

Supply voltage: 230 VAC/50Hz.

Interface: RS232.

Computer network: LAN, WLAN.

Protection rating: measuring cells – IP67, electronics – IP55.

*) The scale in the commercial weighing version can only be used for weighing solids, not liquids.