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Design and consultation services for weighing and dosing solutions

High-quality design is a crucial success factor for the success of a client’s investment. The result of quality design will benefit the business long into the future. Tamtron helps customers find solutions to improve business and process efficiency. We serve all major industries.

Tamtron’s design and consulting services are based on weighing solid expertise, decades of experience and knowledge of the laws and regulations related to weighing. We understand our client’s business environment and the related weighing needs.

Tamtron delivers new industry- and project-specific solutions – sometimes in a very exceptional way – whose benefits are challenging to achieve through conventional means. This way of thinking opens up opportunities for our customers to increase sales, improve operational efficiency and enhance business results in a safe and field-tested way.

A Tamtron expert designs a weighing system for a customer.

The design takes into account all aspects of the process

The design seamlessly integrates all aspects of the investment process, including process design (preliminary design at the tender stage), other equipment, project scheduling, implementation, commissioning, maintenance and spare parts.

We place particular emphasis on energy consumption, efficient use of raw materials, optimal maintenance of process equipment, and optimisation of the availability of the system or its sub-system. Together, these form the operating cost element (OPEX), which is often more important than the capital expenditure (CAPEX).

We combine proven solution technologies from other industries. We focus on raw material handling technologies, with a particular emphasis on their impact on the overall life-cycle of the customer’s investment.

Experts support the customer from design to implementation. High-quality components and well-considered equipment purchases guarantee the quality of the solutions. To achieve the best possible result, we are happy to be involved in the pre-planning stage of the project.

The advantages of having Tamtron as the designer of a system or a sub-system:

  • Optimal result: The design is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the investment process.
  • Competitive advantage: Tamtron’s long and extensive experience gives the customer a unique differentiation, success and competitive advantage in their business.
  • Increased sales and business efficiency: We offer new industry and project-specific solutions that open up opportunities for the customer to increase sales and improve operational efficiency and business performance.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Designing for energy consumption, efficient use of raw materials, optimal maintenance of process equipment and optimised availability.
Our mission is to listen to the customer and transform the customer's needs into a functional package.
Tuomas Jussila, Business Development Manager

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

Our guide provides designers and those responsible for purchasing a weighing system with information and advice on the needs of modern design and how to get the most out of a weighing system to benefit your business.

Jouni Gustafsson
Jouni Gustafsson
Vice President, Technology & Engineering (On-Board Weighing)
Janne Kousa
Vice President, Technology and Engineering, Industrial Weighing