Floor scales for industry and logistics

Tamtron designs and manufactures floor scales for the many needs of industry and logistics. Floor scales are essential in mailing and logistics centers, packing stations, and mailrooms. The number of weighing operations is often high, so our floor scales are made to withstand heavy use and operate reliably throughout their life cycle.

We supply floor wafers with the size, materials, and characteristics that best serve the customer’s site and needs. The materials of the floor waxes are selectable, and the scales can be sized to suit the existing premises and prevailing conditions. The floor scales can be embedded in the floor or supplied as a surface model, for example, if it is necessary to move the scales in the future.


  • Resistant to heavy use.
  • Accurate and reliable weighing throughout the life cycle.
  • Sizable to the site and conditions.
  • Delivered factory-calibrated or verified for commercial use.
  • Connectable to the mScales digital weighing service, allowing the weighing process to be automated and the weighing result to be seamlessly transferred to the entire organisation.

Suitable for commercial use

If required, Tamtron floor scales can be verified for commercial use.  Tamtron has been granted the right to first verify scales. The weighing system can be delivered pre-verified.

Digital weighing service automates the weighing process

The floor scale can be connected to Tamtron’s mScales digital weighing service, which allows the weighing process to be automated and the weighing result seamlessly transferred to the entire organisation. The digital weighing service allows all logistical and business systems to be easily connected into a single entity, with each component operating in real-time and weighing events easily managed.

You can also sign up for a free demo of the mScales weighing service. During the demo, an expert will explain how the mScales digital weighing service works and the benefits it brings for improving business efficiency. You can also test the mScales service yourself during the demo.

Tamtron to service and update your scales

After delivery, the maintenance and checks that are part of the life cycle of the scales are carried out on a contract basis. If necessary, scales are constantly updated to the latest technologies and requirements. Spare parts are available in case of faults or problems, and maintenance is carried out professionally so the floor scales operate accurately and reliably throughout their life cycle.

Floor scales as a rental solution

Tamtron rents floor scales according to the customer’s needs, providing a worry-free, all-inclusive service. Renting floor scales is a good option when there is no need or possibility to invest in new scales. In particular, surface-mounted, standard-sized floor scales are easy to set up and can be moved to another application as required.

Lattiavaaka teollisuuden ja logistiikan tarpeisiin

Adaptable scales to suit different needs

In addition to floor scales, Tamtron’s range of bridge scales includes low bridge, platform and table scales. All scales are customisable and available in a choice of scale materials. Depending on the type of weighbridge, the scales can be either surface mounted or recessed into the floor level.

If required, the weighbridge can also be equipped with pre-fitted mounting brackets, e.g. for a top-mounted roller conveyor or other similar attachment. The scale can also control the dosage to achieve the desired target weight. If required, the scale’s mass flow indicator can be used to adjust the flow of material leaving the scale according to the process requirements.

Material options for Tamtron bridge scales include painted stainless and acid-proof steel. Bridge scales are also supplied for hazardous areas.

Minebea Intec scales

Tamtron is a certified partner of the German Minebea Intec scales in Finland. Minebea weighing scales are suitable for industrial weighing, as in high precision and clean room weighing.

Data sheets

Data Sheet Floor Scale SPF4400