Calibration service

Accredited* calibration service

Tamtron has been reliably calibrating masses and scales for decades. Companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries, paper and pulp mills, etc, use our calibration services. When Tamtron performs calibrations of scales or masses, we ensure that the measurement results are traceable to national and international standards and that the scales are in working order.

An accredited and compliant calibration partner

Tamtron has an accredited K019 calibration laboratory. The certificate provides accurate information on the measurement uncertainty, traceability and deviation of the balance, and no additional certificates of reliability or traceability need to be obtained.

An expert calibrates a scale in Tamtron's calibration laboratory

The calibration performed by a laboratory audited by the FINAS Accreditation Service complies with the quality requirements for measurement management. The K019 calibration laboratory meets the general requirements for accredited laboratories SFS – ISO/IEC 17025 and is part of Tamtron’s ISO 9001 quality system.

Areas of competence:

  • Mass 1 mg – 2000 kg
  • Scales 1 mg – 100 t

ILAC MRA FINAS K019 accreditation

Calibration contract is easy for the customer

The calibration contract service is a collaboration between expert and expert, where both parties can focus on their core competencies. Measures are carried out according to a plan, and a Tamtron work planner agrees on a suitable time with the customer.

Tamtron’s expert will calibrate and provide certificates for the work, including all the necessary information and attachments. With our service, the compulsory calibration process becomes, at best, a process that does not require the customer’s time or human resources. In addition to balance calibration, Tamtron also performs calibrations of weights.

Pre-conditioning of scales during calibrations

Pre-qualification has a clear impact on the reliable operation of scales. There are several causes of measurement uncertainty, the most common being fouling and other contaminants. Fouling is not always directly visible in the measurement results or balance operation. Preventive maintenance during calibrations considers and maintains the balance’s cleanliness and other factors that affect its performance.

Benefits of the Tamtron calibration service:

Calibrations comply with regulations: Tamtron meets the general requirements for an accredited SFS – ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory.

Timely and reliable calibrations: As a contract partner, Tamtron ensures that scales are calibrated promptly and professionally.

Appropriate documentation: The calibration certificate is comprehensive and sufficient, with no need to obtain additional proof of reliability or traceability.

**Details of our activities within the accredited scope of competence can be found on the FINAS website.

Tamtron offers comprehensive Sartorius scale services
Tamtron offers comprehensive Sartorius scale services
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