Weighs wood material in motion

A scale developed for quality verification and management of wood material flows, with the ability to accurately and quickly weigh wood material in motion. The information from weighing’s can be transferred to the business for utilisation in real time.

Tamtron One Power Log Handler Scale
  • Accurate to 1–2%
  • Weighs in motion during normal operations
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Easy to service and calibrate
With the Tamtron One Power Log Handler Scale real time information on the quality and quantity of the wood is constantly available to the business.


The Tamtron One Power Log Handler Scale weighs wood material during lifting, normal movement and loading of materials. The scale facilitates the management of the wood material flow and accelerates operations by transferring the weighing information to ERP and other systems within sawmills and wood chipping plants in real time.

With this scale, verifying the quality of timber is easy; materials can be weighed underwater to measure the fresh density of the timber. The scale has a separate function for immersion weighing.

Tamtron One Power Log Handler Scale


The Tamtron One Power Log Handler Scale allows businesses to easily transfer information from wood material handled for further utilisation. With the weighing information provided by the scale, the quantity and quality of the wood can be constantly monitored.

  • Integration with ERP and other systems is possible, to ensure reliable data transfer and real-time access to reports and monitoring of operations
  • Can be connected to the weighing information cloud service, through which the weighing information is accessible in real-time
  • Can be integrated into an on-board PC
  • Weighing information can be compiled into the same information management infrastructure used by all Tamtron scales, such as log handler scales and traditional weighbridges


The Tamtron One Power Log Handler Scale is available with an advanced One Power weighing instrument or with a PC version that can be integrated into on-board PC.

Power PC

  • Log memory for 10,000 receipts
  • Integration with ERP and other systems

One Power 300i 

  • 12 main memories for different materials and other weighing-related data, with capacity to store 10,000 memory items
  • Internet data transfer