Regardless of season, temperature and weather, shipping and weighing of goods is continuous. Tamtron scales for trucks and railways apply to both commercial and control weighing.

Our weighing solutions provide accurate and verified information that all parties in the transportation and logistics chain can rely on. Easy-to-use weighing software enables you to monitor weighing information in real time and to analyse it. Tamtron provides truck scales and adjacent software tailored for example for the particular needs of waste transfer and power stations. For railways, Tamtron offers both dynamic and stationary weighing solutions for carriages, stationary weighing solutions for trains, as well as wheel impact load measurement solutions. You can also weigh individual wheels, axles, and bogies with our scales.

No matter how demanding use, our team of professionals assemble an integrated system to back up transportation and logistics functions. The scale and weighing information management system can be supplemented for example with automated access control and vehicle recognition.

The weighing data is available in Tamtron’s cloud service or can be integrated into your ERP system. Tamtron’s One Scalex – a modern truck scale software enables a location-independent center for the management of multiple truck scales and improves the quality, consistency and traceability of the weighing process. Tamtron’s One Cloud makes it possible to combine the weighing data of truck scales and on-board scales and integrate all weighing data into the company’s other systems.


  • Designed for demanding use
  • Accurate measuring improves safety
  • Helps to prevent overloads and misloading
  • Strengthens trust between parties
  • Helps to recognize and avoid equipment and wheel defects
  • Verified information that all parties in the transportation and logistics chain can rely on
  • Weighing solutions work reliably for years to come
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