Mines and metal refineries operate without interruption every day of the year. Material flows are high, and raw materials are heavy and often very valuable. Machinery and equipment must be accurate, reliable and durable, with long-term support from the manufacturer to keep them running.

Tamtron’s advanced weighing and dosing solutions and digital services enhance material flow management in the mining and metals processing industries and deliver significant economic benefits by automating traditional manual weighing steps. Tamtron’s solutions have also been developed to serve the needs of the emerging battery metals industry.

The weighing solutions help monitor the volumes of material handled, control inventory levels, track operator workflows, and use weighing data to improve business efficiency.


  • Collect and analyse accurate weighing data.
  • Facilitate load tracking.
  • Improve reporting between parties.
  • Optimise site efficiency by tracking schedules and quantities of materials loaded.
  • Make invoicing faster and commercially validated.
  • Make business transparent and fair for all parties.
  • Manage material flows effortlessly.
  • Increase safety on construction sites.
  • Make your metalworking transfer processes cost-effective and efficient.
  • Get advice from weighing experts to optimise your process.

Weighing as part of mining and metalworking processes

Tamtron’s reliable truck, dumper, and truck scales serve the demanding weighing needs of the mining and metal processing industries. There is no need for extra stops on-site, as loads can be weighed during regular machine operation. The digital services help to monitor and use the weighing data collected by the scales in real time on Tamtron’s cloud service, or they can be integrated directly into the company’s ERP system. In addition, digital services help minimise security risks by enabling weighing and authentication from the vehicle’s cabin using a mobile device.

Tamtron’s solutions are suitable for weighing heavy materials processed in the mining industry. Maintenance services ensure a long service life. Tamtron offers big bag unloading or filling stations for raw material handling. As a dosing technology, silo weighing, belt weigher dosing, screws, vibrators, or Loss-In-Weight feeders can be used as required. Different technologies have their advantages and limitations, and it is advisable to discuss bulk material dosing issues with weighing experts.

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

Our guide provides designers and those responsible for purchasing a weighing system with information and advice on the needs of modern design and how to get the most out of a weighing system to benefit your business.

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