Description of the Railway Scale

TRAPPER DRS electronic railway scales are designed for weighing rail wagons when moving (dynamic weighing). The individual wagons of the train set are weighed fully automatically when the train set crosses the weighbridge. TRAPPER DRS railway scales are suitable wherever fast commercial weighing of rail wagons, both with solid and liquid loads, is required.


  • Fast, accurate and reliable commercial weighing
  • Fully automatic weighing in motion
  • Extremely fast installation without on-site concreting
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Automatic OCR system for wagon and container numbers
  • Design approved by railway authorities in the field of installations within the railway network as well as on company sidings
  • Modular system
  • Intrinsically safe EEx-i option

Specifications of the Dynamic Railway Scale

TRAPPER DRS scales can be designed as single-weighbridge scales (with a short weighbridge of 4.5 m to 6 m) for weighing rail wagons with solid substrate. Each wagon of the train is weighed in parts (by undercarriages or axles) when crossing the weighbridge.

TRAPPER DRS multi-bridge scales (with two or three modules) are used for weighing tankers in motion. Each module is a separate scale, and the system always weighs the instantaneous total weight of the wagon. The result of the weighing does not depend on the change of the tanker’s centre of gravity during weighing. These scales can also be used for official weighing of the carriage when stopped (static).

TRAPPER DRS scales are characterized by the very low construction height of the structure installed in the track. The modular design allows for an optimal composition of individual weighbridges to take into account the spectrum of weighed wagons.

TRAPPER DRS scales are available in two versions. These two versions do not require any on-site pre-installation concreting. The first option consists of the weighbridge forming a compact unit with the steel frame, laid directly on the thickened gravel bed. The second option is to mount the weighbridge into a prefabricated reinforced-concrete flat base (pit), which is part of the scale delivery.

Both concepts allow for extremely fast installation with minimal costs of construction readiness without on-site concreting. The proven design and electronics of the scale not only allow for excellent dynamic weighing results, but also high traversing speeds.

Weighing Information Management

The superstructure part of the railway scale system consists of a personal computer with the weighing and data-processing software ScalexPC in the graphic environment of MS Windows. Thanks to the dynamic, fully automatic weighing, this operator workstation can also be located as a remote workstation with data transmission from the scale via a data network connection. For weighing, it is possible to provide visual contact of the operator with the weighbridge using an industrial camera system.

The system ScalexPC enables the user to weigh comfortably and to process data extensively, which includes the integration of the scale into the company information system for data export/import. The scale software is easy and intuitive to use.

Technical Specification of the Dynamic Railway Scale

Weighbridge: a steel structure with a module length of 4.5 m to 10 m. The number and length of the weighing modules depends on the range of wagons to be weighed, or on the method of dynamic weighing – in parts or as a whole.

Method of weighing: when moving – dynamically by both pulling and pushing (in multi-weighbridge scales also statically).

Weighing speed: up to 15 km/h.

Weight capacity: 100–160 tons.

Weighing accuracy: static according to EN 45501 – accuracy class III / dynamic according to OIML R106 – accuracy class 0.2; 0.5 (for multi-weighbridge scales), class 0.5; 1 (for single-weighbridge scales).

Type approval number: FI 18.MI006.07.

Variants: TRAPPER DRS with a steel compact frame (total height 620 mm) / TRAPPER DRS with a prefabricated reinforced-concrete pit (total height including base pit 750 mm).

Installation method: on a thickened gravel bed without on-site concreting.

Transit speed: up to 40 km/h.


Optional Scale Accessories

  • Automatic control and evaluation of side and axle loads
  • Data-processing software ScalexPC in the graphic environment of MS Windows
  • Comprehensive software system for the management of company siding
  • Wireless data transfer to the remote operator workplace
  • Visualization of the weighbridge area
  • Placement of the weighing electronics in the switchboard in the outdoor control cabinet
  • Digitalization of the siding operation in combination with Trenpex OCR system
  • RFID identification of passing trains
  • Integration of the scale into the company’s IS
  • Intrinsically safe EEx-i option