Verification services for scales

Regular maintenance and verification rounds extend the life cycle of scales. With the help of Tamtron’s verification services, using a scale will effortlessly continue to be suitable for commercial use. The required periodic verifications vary from country to country but will always be arranged as cost-effective as possible, taking customer needs into account.

Tamtron’s comprehensive verification services ensure that weighing results are accurate, and that the scales are suitable for commercial use. We are authorized to perform statutory initial inspections of the scales. You will also receive periodic verifications every three years, which we carry out in cooperation with local partners.

A pre-planned verification service saves costs

When verifying scales, the most significant cost often comes from the freight and lifting work of the calibrated large scales but when the verification rounds are planned beforehand, the process more cost-effective and flexible. We bring initial and periodic verification services directly to the customer – where the machines load and the weighing stations are located. If necessary, we can perform inspection and maintenance operations and perform software updates in connection with verifications.

During the verification rounds, the equipment maintenance is also carried out if necessary and the possible renewal of required components is taken care of, so that weighing is agile and accurate even years from now. Maintenance and related possible adjustments of the scale contribute to the fact that the scale can be certified as approved. Tamtron also prepares an inspection report from the maintenance visit which enables the future scale maintenance to be even more systematic.

Connecting the vehicle scale to the mScales weighing service

In connection with periodic verification, it is useful to assess the need of connecting the scale to the mScales weighing service, which enables the information transfer to be cost-effective and flexible. The mScales service enables e.g. the remote maintenance of the scale and distribution of predictive, as well as preventive sensor-specific diagnostics and information about possible future problems.

Read more about mScales on the service’s website

Tamtron as the supplier of verification services offers:

  • Easy turnkey delivery – verifications of the scales are handled fast and effortlessly.
  • Lower costs – with pre-planned verification rounds, freight costs can be shared among several customers.
  • Comprehensive reports – an inspection report is always made from the maintenance visit, which enables future maintenance to be even more systematic.
  • Longer scale life span – by renewing required components in time, the life span of the scale can be significantly extended, which also reduces the risk of unplanned production stoppages.
We have always strived to ensure that the customer's certification and maintenance issues are restored in one go, and the scales have been properly serviced and inspected.
Vesa Kalliokoski
Tamtron service partner
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Case Adven: More accurate energy measurement with digital weighing solutions
Tommi Alakoski
Product Manager, On-Board Weighing
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Service Manager, Industrial weighing