Rental Scales and Leasing

Tamtron rents out truck, floor and bridge scales according to customer needs. Rental offers an affordable weighing solution without heavy equipment investment and an easy total service.

The rental scales are used primarily in infrastructure construction and various modification situations in all industries. Our rental scales service can be used, for example, when working on a leased plot or other temporary site and for short-term earthmoving projects.

The rental scale is delivered for commercial use, certified, and tailored to your needs in terms of length, installation location and software. Rental scales can also be integrated with industry digital solutions such as Tamtron’s mScales browser-based weighing service.

We are responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment we rent, and commercial scales are subject to statutory periodic inspections at the required intervals. Inspecta Tarkastus Oy has granted Tamtron initial verification rights, so the scales are EU-type-approved for commercial use.

Rental truck scales

Tamtron’s rental car scales are easy to use and agile. They can be easily and quickly used in case of a temporary need for car scales. A steel truck scale with a frame frame is ideal when you want to avoid making a scale base. The steel truck scales are available in modular lengths of 13, 26 and 39 metres, with ramps if required.

The truck scales are operated with the mScales digital weighing service, allowing drivers to weigh efficiently and autonomously on their smart devices. The cloud service allows real-time management of weighing data, regardless of location.

A vehicle on a Tamtron truck scale.

Rental floor and bridge scales

In addition to truck scales, Tamtron also rents floor and bridge scales. Renting floor scales is a good option when there is no need or possibility to invest in new scales. In particular, the standard-size floor scales, which are surface mounted, are easy to set up and can be moved to another application as required.

Floor and weighbridge scales are connected to the mScales digital weighing service, which enables the use of electronic transfer documents, for example, in the circular economy.

Tamtron floor scales in use in the customer's warehouse.

Tamtron’s rental weighing service guarantees:

  • Complete and cost-effective solution.
  • Scales delivered according to customer’s measurements.
  • Fully tuned and certified for commercial use.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the customer’s weighing needs.
Harri Brandt
Sales Manager, Truck scales