Processes in the chemical industry are subject to strict regulations, which also impose specific requirements on weighing solutions and their operation. Tamtron offers reliable weighing solutions for the demanding chemical industry environment, where accurate weighing is at the heart of all operations. The weighing solutions cover all chemical industry processes, from receiving raw materials to transferring, dosing, weighing, and packaging finished products.

Careful weighing provides valuable information for more efficient production processes. The collected data helps monitor and repeat processes, speed up food packaging and manage material flows more easily. Tamtron weighing data is available in real-time on Tamtron’s cloud service or can be integrated into the customer’s ERP system.


  • Collect and analyse accurate weighing data.
  • Flexible processes that adapt to changing needs.
  • Optimise operational efficiency with accurate, reliable and hygienic weighing equipment.
  • Manage material flows effortlessly.
  • Make your business transparent and sustainable for the future.

Weighing as part of chemical processes

Tamtron supplies a wide range of equipment and solutions for the chemical industry. In addition, we also modernise existing plants, such as upgrading an old large bagging scale to a modern version. Tamtron offers comprehensive services from deployment to maintenance to support the equipment and solutions. The services will ensure accurate and reliable weighing in the future.

Tamtron’s weighing solutions and digital services are designed to meet the specific requirements of the chemical industry so that production lines can be made more efficient and safer. Our services and equipment consider the restrictions and requirements of different sectors regarding safety at work, protection levels and clothing.

Tamtron’s user-friendly mScales digital weighing service provides a location-independent hub for managing multiple scales and improving the weighing process’s quality, consistency, and traceability. The weighing service enables the consolidation of weighing data from different scales and integration with other customer systems. For international environments, the mScales service can also be provided in other languages and is currently available in six different languages.

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