Customer-specific solutions

An accurate and easy to use scale for continuous use, type-approved for commercial weighing. The weighing information is possible to save and transfer further for utilisation.

  • Approved for commercial use
  • Accurate to 0.05%
  • Battery life approximately 100 hours, includes replacement battery
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
Weighing solutions for industrial use


The Tamtron SCS+ Crane Scale is designed anything from lighter loads of under 3,200 kg to heavier loads of up to 50,000 kg. A wireless remote control device allows for the scale to be used safely. The weighing results can be easily transferred to a computer via a direct radio connection or by USB cable. The crane hook scale does not need to be completely still when weighing a load, as it will give an accurate result even if the load is swinging, which makes the weighing process easier and faster. A protective frame made of steel is available for the Tamtron SCS+ Scale, and a special version of the scale, developed especially for foundries, is also available.


With the Tamtron SCS+ Crane Scale, weighing information can be transferred to other devices for further utilisation via a direct radio connection or by USB cable. Using the radio connection, weighing information is transferred immediately and wirelessly to the user’s computer. If a direct connection is not needed, the information can be transferred from the remote control device by USB cable. The remote control device can store 1,800 weighing records.

The Tamtron SCS+ Crane Scale is available with a maximum capacity of 3,200 kg, 6,300 kg, 10,000 kg, 20,000 kg, 32,000 kg or 50,000 kg.

Tamtron SCS+ Crane Scale
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