Measurement result to system easily with weighing transmitter

The weighing transmitter provides a weighing or force measurement result, which can be transferred to a higher system with the help of a galvanically isolated analog output. The weighing transmitter is excellently suitable as part of the industrial process weighing that requires precision and reliability. In addition to weighing transmitter devices, Tamtron offers complete support with expertise and decades of experience with scales and force-measuring devices.

Easy-to-use weighing transmitter is suited for all types of sensors

The digital TPL-400 weighing transmitter is suitable for all strain gauge sensors in weighing and force measurement. The most typical applications of the weighing transmitter can be found in silo and container weighing, level control, and force measurement. Tuning the transmitter and defining the operation of the outputs is done with a programming device, which can be built into the device or separated. The setting values of the limits are entered with the programming device, and cut-off advance, hysteresis, and locking functions can be connected to them.

The TPL-400 series transmitter equipped with its display has a standard IP65 ABS plastic case, but if needed, the transmitter is also available with a stainless or die-cast case. The weighing transmitter enables versatile options for connecting the scale to the upper system so that weighing or measuring data can be obtained reliably. The TPL-400 weighing transmitter is available with internal heating for field installation conditions.

Comprehensive weighing service

Like with other scales and weighing devices, Tamtron offers a comprehensive service and finds the best and most efficient solutions for customers with weighing transmitters, offering excellent maintenance services and high-quality spare parts as well.

  • The TPL-400 weighing transmitter is suitable for many purposes and can be adapted to different conditions
  • Using and tuning the weighing transmitters is easy
  • The service includes fast and comprehensive maintenance, support, and spare parts services

Data sheets

Data Sheet Weighing Transmitter TPL-400