Totalizing hopper scales for demanding conditions

Totalizing hopper scales are required to accurately and versatilely monitor material flows in various raw material receiving, discharging and dosing applications. Bulk tank weighing is an essential part of production in agriculture, building materials, chemicals and fertilizers.

The trouble-free operation, excellent weighing accuracy, versatile connectivity to control systems and long life cycle of tank weighers ensure that processes operate as designed.

  • Operates under demanding conditions, robust and dust-tight design.
  • Static weighing accuracy from dynamic material flow.
  • Type-approved, Measuring Instruments Directive-compliant automatic balances, and generally certified for commercial use.
  • Hopper scales are always tailored to the customer’s needs.

Continuously operating summing tank scales leaving the Tamtron factory for the customer. 

Scales for commercial weighing of material flows

Tamtron’s totalizing hopper scales are type-approved automatic weighing instruments according to the Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2014/32/EU OIML R107 (2007) and are usually certified for commercial use.

Totalizers are suitable for commercial weighing in bulk material receiving and product loading. Typical totalizer applications include grain, malt or fertilizer receiving and loading applications. The scale separates single doses from a continuous flow of material, weighs them and totals the weighing results. This gives the best possible weighing accuracy.

Experienced summing tank weighing equipment

Tamtron delivers totalizing hopper scales with years of experience and professionalism, whether an entirely new line or a modernisation. Decades of experience handling different bulk materials combined with state-of-the-art weighing technology guarantee the best equipment for weighing specific materials.

We also provide commissioning services, including certification for commercial use and in-service maintenance.