Solutions for On-Board Weighing

When wood is collected from the forest by a forwarder, moved to the roadside, and transported to a sawmill by a truck, Tamtron weighing solutions are there to help every step of the way. Durable and easy-to-use timber crane scales for timber trucks work accurately even in the most demanding environments. They help in making loading fast, optimising loads simple, and avoiding excessive loads.

Weighing data provided by Tamtron’s scales is easy to manage in cloud or can be integrated to systems used by the major forest industry companies. Robust truck scales weigh even the heaviest vehicles, and unloading is agile with our material handler and log handler scales. With Tamtron’s weighing data cloud services, you can avoid unnecessary mileage and make transportation chain seamless from the forest to processing. Better information means fair business for all parties involved.


  • Make the entire timber logistics chain flow smoothly
  • Ensure optimal weigh loads
  • Make loading quick and ease
  • Avoid inefficiency at work and under-expedient time and resources

Conveyor systems for the paper and forest industry

Tamtron’s conveyor systems offer comprehensive solutions for the needs of the paper and forest industry. As a long-standing supplier, Tamtron specializes in automated material transfer, such as pulp bale and broke conveyors. Conveyor systems help to enhance productivity and increase production capacity. They also improve occupational safety. Tamtron provides a comprehensive service that covers design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance.


  • Occupational safety improves
  • High-quality and long-lasting solutions
  • Enhanced productivity and increased production capacity
  • The working environment is cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and fire-safe
  • Personnel resources are saved with the help of an automated conveyor line
  • Fewer production interruptions
  • Regular maintenance, periodic inspections, and original supplier spare parts ensure efficient and safe production

Glue kitchens and glue mixers for the needs of the plywood industry

Tamtron supplies glue kitchens and glue mixers for the needs of the plywood and LVL veneer wood industry, also for phenolic and urea glues. The glue kitchen has been developed to precisely solve the challenges of plywood factories. Efficient glue production for the needs of plywood factories.


  • The glue is of very consistent quality.
  • Cleaning the glue mixer is effortless through the automated system.
  • The glue kitchen can be seamlessly integrated into main processes and systems.

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

Our guide provides designers and those responsible for purchasing a weighing system with information and advice on the needs of modern design and how to get the most out of a weighing system to benefit your business.

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