Privacy statement

Tamtron Oy and Tamtron Systems Oy (later Tamtron) are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and personal data. Tamtron processes your personal data in accordance with European Data Protection Principles.

Updated 16.1.2024 

Data Controller Information: 
Name:  Tamtron Oyj
Address: Vestonkatu 11, 33580 Tampere (Finland)
Tel +358 3 3143 5000


Tamtron uses customer relationship management (CRM) databases to manage and track our sales and marketing activities. Tamtron’s CRM databases include

  • personal data of representatives of our customers, potential customers, and other companies with whom Tamtron has a business relationship or wants to develop one
  • personal data of the customers or end-users of Tamtron’s customers, who contact Tamtron about weighing solutions
  • personal data related to external stakeholders, who Tamtron is interested to provide with general information of Tamtron and its business.


The following information is collected and processed in connection with CRM:

  • first name and surname
  • organisation information and contact details
  • role and contact details (email and telephone number)
  • other information provided to us (e.g. customer feedback, registration to an event, and subscription to newsletter)
  • IP address
  • possible other information relevant for the business relationship.

Such personal information is later referred to as “personal data”. The individuals, whose personal data is processed, are referred to as “data subjects”.


Tamtron processes personal data to facilitate Tamtron’s business, support sales activities, manage deliveries, maintenance services and invoicing, contact customers for contract management and marketing purposes, and otherwise maintain the customer relationship. Tamtron may also use the data to handle incidents and claims as well as provide assistance as requested by customer. Tamtron may contact the data subjects for conducting customer surveys.

The personal data is collected primarily within the context of governance and implementation of customer and partner relationship. Such data include also the information that the person chooses to provide us (e.g. when you sign up for an event organised by us, or subscribe to our newsletter, or when you visit our website).


The personal data has been received directly from the customers or obtained in connection with their use of Tamtron’s products and services. Personal data may also originate from Tamtron’s representatives based on their business interactions with the data subjects. In certain cases, Tamtron may collect personal data from public registers and other reliable external sources.

The personal data will be stored for only as long as required or entitled by applicable legislation. Tamtron reviews the necessity of the stored data on a regular basis and erases any data when it is no longer needed for the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice.


Tamtron uses cookies and other similar technologies on its website at Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit or use our website. They enable, for example, to collect data on how you use our website as well as to save your site preferences and actions. Cookies and the data collected with them are used to facilitate the use of our website as well as to monitor, analyse, and improve the usability and use of the website.

Cookies contain a unique identifier (UID), such as randomly created number, that enables identifying your device. Even if your device can be identified by cookies, the cookies do not usually enable the identification of our website users without certain additional information. However, some third parties who use cookies on our website, such as Facebook, may combine UID contained in the cookie with the corresponding Facebook user, if the user visiting our website has a Facebook user account.

As explained in more detail below, some cookies used on are necessary to enable functionalities as well as improve the performance or user experience of our website. Some cookies we use to deliver targeted digital marketing on our website or other websites.

When you visit Tamtron’s website, Tamtron and/or third-party service providers, such as Google or Facebook, place cookies on your device.


Tamtron and third-party service providers collect with cookies especially the following information:

  • IP address
  • visiting time
  • website through which you have entered our website
  • visited pages on our website
  • browser type (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox)
  • geographical location.


  • Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics for monitoring our website. Google places these cookies on your device. Google may also have access to Google Analytics cookies and data collected by them. Read more about Google Analytics cookies and their expiration date here and in general about Google’s services here.
  • HubSpot. We use HubSpot for user monitoring, functionalities of the forms available on our website as well as automation of marketing. HubSpot places these cookies on your device. HubSpot may also have access to HubSpot cookies and data collected by them. Read more about HubSpot cookies including their expiration date here.
  • Facebook. We use Facebook for enabling the share button as well as user monitoring on our website. Facebook places these cookies on your device. Facebook may also have access to these cookies and data collected by them. Facebook uses this data to provide analytics services and target digital marketing. Read more about Facebook cookies here.
  • LinkedIn. We use LinkedIn for enabling the share button as well as user monitoring on our website. Read more about LinkedIn cookies here.


If you have given consent to save cookies on your device, and you want to cancel your consent, you can prevent the use of cookies by using this link. You cannot disable cookies that are necessary to use the website. If you do not want that third parties collect information from you for targeted advertising purposes, you can choose to opt-out via and/or

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but if you do not want receive cookies, we advise you to change your browser settings so that your browser blocks the cookies or gives you a warning prior to saving a cookie as well as remove all cookies already saved on your device.

More information on how you can configure the settings related to management of cookies can be found from a user manual of your browser.

Please note that preventing all use of cookies may affect your use of our website and prevent you from using certain functionalities available at our website.


Tamtron uses the personal data only for its internal business purposes and does not transfer the data to any external parties. Some of the personal data may be accessible and processed by Tamtron’s subsidiaries, subcontractors, and other service providers, to the extent needed in connection with the above said purposes.

Data may be transferred to entities within Tamtron Group and its partners, affiliates, and subcontractors to fulfil the purposes listed in Section 3 or client requests. Such transfers may include transfers outside the European Economic Area or outside the country where you provided Tamtron with personal data. When data is transferred outside the EU/EEA, the transfer is carried out by using the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission or other transfer mechanism permitted by legislation. In any case, Tamtron will always ensure that personal data is adequately protected as required by applicable laws and regulations.


Tamtron keeps its privacy policy under regular review and places any updates on this web page. Tamtron updates this privacy statement when there are changes in the processing of personal data in the applicable laws of which we need to inform you. In addition, we may update this privacy statement and cookie policy when we develop our website, services, or business activities. Unless otherwise required by the mandatory laws, we may not inform in person the users of our website about the changes we have made to our Cookie Policy. Therefore, we recommend reading this policy from time to time.

The most recent version of the privacy statement is available at this website. This privacy statement was last updated in January 2022.


Tamtron acts diligently to ensure that you can exercise your rights regarding the processing of your personal data. Data subjects may contact Tamtron and request access to their personal data at any time. Tamtron will rectify or erase any incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated personal data at the data subjects’ request.

Subject to local applicable laws, the data subject has the right to:

  • request to erase personal data and be forgotten, when in compliance with applicable laws and our retention criteria
  • request to restrict the use of personal data
  • object to the processing personal data
  • request to move personal data over to another data controller in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation
  • withdraw his/hers consent to process personal data in accordance with applicable laws
  • lodge a complaint with a relevant data protection authority, if Tamtron has processed personal data in violation of the applicable data protection laws.


If you have any questions about our Privacy or Cookie Policy, please be in contact with us via email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.