Weighing products for demanding environments

Tamtron represents the Swedish BLH Nobel’s products in Finland. BLH Nobel designs and manufactures precise weighing and force-measurement applications for demanding industrial environments. The company’s extensive and innovative product range includes a wide variety of sensors based on strain gauge technology and terminals to be used with them.

BLH Nobel’s solutions are used, for example, in crane and vehicle weighing applications, offshore weighing in demanding conditions, various force measurement applications, the metal and mining industry, the pulp and paper industry, and demanding industrial processes in general. Satisfied customers can already be found in over 100 countries.

In challenging and demanding industrial operating conditions, where, for example, humidity and heat affect the materials, excellent durability is required from the components. BLH Nobel uses carefully selected quality steels in its products, which guarantee durability and good protection against corrosion. With good engineering and the right choice of materials, solutions can be provided even in challenging environments. The sensors of the weighing or force measuring products are designed completely according to the requirements of the application, so the customer can design the device in other parts without compromise.

Tailor-made weighing and force-measuring equipment with special features

BLH Nobel has solid experience in the manufacture of weighing and force-measuring equipment for customers. In addition to the standard sizes, the sensors can be dimensioned completely according to the customer’s wishes. This enables measurements even in locations where a standard sensor can’t be used. In most cases, a custom-made sensor is even more affordable than changing the machine’s structure.

The BLH Nobel sensors can be equipped with an integrated amplifier, in which case they do not need a separate amplifier. The amplifiers have special programs for various applications, such as paper web tension measurement and crane applications.

Tamtron strengthens BLH Nobel’s solutions

Tamtron’s long experience in the supply of scales and measuring devices brings an added value to BLH Nobel’s products that stands out to its advantage. Tamtron knows the operating conditions in different areas of industry and is able to help customers in a wide range of ways in making the right solution. Tamtron also provides spare parts and component repair and maintenance services for the hydraulic control systems supplied by Nobel.

BLH Nobel’s high-quality products combined with Tamtron’s experience and expert service guarantee that exactly the right solutions are found for the customer’s needs.

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