Load cells for scales and measuring devices

Tamtron offers a comprehensive selection of high-end load cells for scales suitable for commercial use, silo weighing, hopper scales, process weighing, other force-measuring applications, and general use.

Load cells should be chosen in accordance with the place of operation and its conditions, but all of Tamtron’s cells are structurally sound and are also suited for demanding conditions. They are even supplied for extreme circumstances: such as the ATEX-classified cells for areas with a risk of explosion.

As the material for the load cells, Tamtron uses stainless steel. The cells are available for tension and compression weighing in a wide range of capacities, starting from 5 kg up to 470 tons.

Load cells need mounting kits

Load cells are used, for example, in hopper, truck, and floor scales, silo weighing, or other force measurements where the load is placed on the cell.

To function correctly and precisely for its purpose, the load cell always needs an installation kit. Tamtron’s selection includes different installation kit options for all load cells, which can be used to select the load cell for a specific purpose.

Tamtron’s load cells are EU-tested, suitable for accurate industrial weighing, and comply with OIML R60 recommendations for commercial weighing.

Tamtron supplies load cells in a timely and dependable manner and offers comprehensive maintenance service. Decades of experience and meticulous mapping of customer needs always guarantee the best-suited solutions. The service is strengthened by:

  • Wide range of load cells for different purposes
  • Mounting kits enabling a correct load cell for each need
  • Extremely good product availability

Data sheets

Data Sheet Load Cell RC2
Data Sheet Load Cell BC5
Data Sheet Load Cell TB5
Data Sheet Load Cell Z6
Data Sheet Load Cell RC2-P