Accurate and reliable weighing of containers is an important part of safety at seas. Tamtron has introduced One Power Container Stacker Scale, One Power Straddle Carrier Scale, Scalift Forklift Scale and a whole product family of weighbridges that comply with the new SOLAS regulations. They make obtaining the requisite Verified Gross Mass (VGM) information easy during container transit and unloading operations.

In addition to improved safety, our scales also increase efficiency at ports. Container VGM and ID can be combined, and the information uploaded to your TOS, ERP or other systems through integration. Weighing data can also be managed with our cloud service, which enables combining data from all Tamtron scales at your port. It makes monitoring real-time weighing information simple.


  • Seamless operations in multiple weighing points
  • No interruptions on workflow
  • Increased transparency, measurability and safety
  • Real-time access to information, reports and operations monitoring
  • Helps you in adapting to regulations without compromising efficient operations
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Video container handling and cloud services:

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