Tamtronin designs and supplies weighing, dosing and conveying equipment for process industries in factory environments such as metallurgy, feed and plastics. We also provide installation and commissioning services.

Tamtron offers dosing systems for batch and continuous mixing lines and equipment and systems for bulk material handling and packaging. We supply Loss-In-Weight feeders in various sizes for a wide range of industries.

  • System automation for more efficient processes.
  • The Loss-In-Weight feeder is the solution for fast filling of the weigh hopper.
  • Our experience as a weighing, dosing and conveyor equipment supplier helps us consider the big picture.

Continuous dosing systems based on Loss-In-Weight feeders

Continuous dosing systems are based on belt feeders and Loss-In-Weight (LIW) feeders. Dosing systems for batch processes are implemented with tank scales and dosing equipment suitable for processing raw materials. Automating the systems typically includes not only the electrics but also the control logic and the user interface. These may all be integrated into a scale controller for a single feeder, or the feeder may be connected via a field bus to the subscriber’s automation system.

The Loss-In-Weight feeder measures and controls

A LIW feeder typically feeds material into the process at a setpoint mass flow rate (kg/h or t/h). This is usually a hopper scale with a feed screw, vibratory feeder or barrier feeder at the bottom. The LIW controller measures the mass flow leaving the feeder and controls the feeder dosing device to achieve the desired mass flow.

Filling of the weigh hopper is automatically performed when the weight of the hopper falls below the lower limit. The aim is to fill the tank as quickly as possible since the feed must be frozen constantly during filling. Depending on the material, the mass flow can also be adjusted during filling according to different algorithms to minimise the control deviation and, thus, the mass flow oscillation at the end of filling.

Loss-In-Weight-syöttimessä materiaalia syötetään prosessiin asetusarvon mukaisella massavirralla