Conveyor systems for the paper and forest industry

Tamtron conveyor systems offer comprehensive solutions for the paper and forest industry. As a supplier with a long history, Tamtron specializes in automated material handling, such as pulp pallet conveyors and broke conveyors. Among other things, automation helps save personnel costs and improve workplace safety. At Tamtron, you get a complete design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance service.

Our satisfied customers include some of the most significant players in the industry, such as UPM, Valmet, Metsä-Board, Stora Enso, Delfort Group, Sappi, and many other major companies in the paper, board and pulp industry.

  • Improving safety at work
  • A cleaner, greener and fire-safer working environment
  • Savings in human resources thanks to an automated conveyor line
  • Less production downtime: save working time
  • High-quality, long-lasting solutions: productive, efficient production
  • Regular maintenance, periodic inspections and OEM spare parts ensure efficient and safe production.

Pulp conveyors and lines for pulp production in paper and board mills

Tamtron’s pulp bale conveyors are widely used in paper and board mills for their pulping needs. Replacing manual lines with an automated pulp conveyor line significantly saves personnel costs. The automated wire stripper also increases occupational safety.

Tamtron supplies robust conveyors for high-tonnage bales. The equipment is designed for continuous operation in the process industry. The oldest conveyor lines supplied by Tamtron have been in continuous operation for almost 30 years. The equipment is designed for forklift loading, so the chains are protected from bale clamps. Regular maintenance, periodic inspections, and original equipment spare parts ensure efficient and safe production throughout the line’s life.

A pulp bale line can include chain and slat conveyors, crossing stations, pin unloaders and automatic wire unwinders for large bales.

Tamtron's broke conveyor rollers for the paper industry

Specialist Konrad Vuollo demonstrates the rollers that will be delivered to Germany. The project involves converting a paper machine into a board machine. The rolls will come on a more extensive core conveyor with a length of 10 metres.  

Broke conveyor for paper, board and pulp machines

Apron conveyors feed paper or cardboard bundles into a pulper, from which raw material is extracted for production. Machine broke conveyors are installed underneath the machine, ensuring the falling reject is transferred to the pulper and the material is returned to use. This prevents the accumulation of rejects on the machines, which could reduce their drivability.

Using an automatic broke conveyor reduces the need to shut down machines by eliminating the need to remove the reject from under the machine manually. This improves work safety and saves valuable working time. At the same time, potential production stoppages and the resulting financial losses are avoided. Automation also significantly improves factories’ overall cleanliness, increasing fire safety.

The overhead conveyor brings new opportunities for a responsibly operating company. With more efficient and safer transfer of falling debris to the pulper, there is no unnecessary waste, and the debris can be recycled for reuse in paper production. Equipment tailored to the premises and customer needs can be made to operate in a sustainable, energy-efficient and material-recycling way.

Broke conveyor models

  • High-speed broke conveyors for board machines (width 1.0 m – 10.0 m)
  • Slow broke conveyors for paper machines (width 4,0 – 11,0 m)

Tamtron's broke conveyor for the paper industry

Experts Konrad Vuollo and Pekka Huusko inspect a rejected conveyor under construction. The conveyor will be delivered to Germany for a project to convert a paper machine into a cardboard machine. The machine transports the cardboard sleeve under the machine to bring the sleeve back into production. The conveyor is one of the smallest broke conveyors supplied by Tamtron.