For accurate and reliable weighing at the point of collection

Optimise waste collection with Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale that enables the tracking of individual bins and their weighing results in real-time. Approved for commercial use and equipped with vehicle-specific software, RCV Bin Lifter Scale streamlines the waste collecting workflows, making the route management, truck monitoring and verifying weighing results even more cost-efficient.

Developed in cooperation with XTrack and Digisens, the new weighing solution offers efficient ways of working for any waste management company. The scale is equipped with modern features such as data-based route management, built-in camera system and reliable bin identification. These features enhance route tracking and proofing, making the everyday processes more effective.


Tamtron solutions for recycling sector

Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale benefits

  • Modern route tracking feature with a map view and statistical data 
  • Automatic RFID bin identification ensuring correct weighing results for individual bins  
  • Camera system feature providing real-time data and enhancing both safety and accuracy of waste collecting  
  • Easier invoicing and more efficient data management based on reliable weighing results 




Suitable for waste trucks regardless of type


Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale can be installed in a wide variety of vehicle applications, making the weighing process more effortless. The scale is designed to convert the bin collecting and weighing into a streamlined process with out any additional interruptions during working, as it enable weighing of individual bins without any additional processes.



Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale is suitable for any waste collecting vehicle with a rear, front and side loader. The dynamic system is installed in the vehicle’s bin lifter and the weighing takes place dynamically along the lifting. The solution is easy to fit and once mounted into a vehicle, it demands very little maintenance.

Designed in close cooperation with waste management companies


Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter scale can easily be installed into a vehicle’s bin lifter at any point of its lifecycle. As the scale is OIML certified (Y(a) & Y(b) approvals), it is also suitable for commercial weighing.



Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale makes waste collecting processes easier, thank to an innovative route management feature. The route management is made effortless with a XTrack route planning and optimization software that provides GIS interfaces for schedule planning.



Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale is equipped with a RFID bin identification feature, provided by Xtrack, which enables the identification of individual bins and their weight. The waste bins have transmitters for RFID identification which will create modern tracking of the collected bins. The weighing data is available in XTrack software, or can be further integrated into the customer’s own systems.



Video camera feature is an essential part of Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale’s equipment. The automatic, real-time camera feature enables verifying individual weighing events or tracking routes, and enhances the safety of both people and vehicle.



Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scale is designed to meet the high performance and reliability demands of heavy-duty handling. The scale meets the legal requirements for trade regulations, enabling the weighing data to be used as the basis for invoicing as the scales are approved for legal for trade.


Increase efficiency with digital weighing data solution

Weighing information and results collected to the memory of the Tamtron RCV Bin Lifter Scales can be transferred and utilised for business activities via cloud service or integration directly to an ERP or other system. The RFID identification enables the data management of individuals bins and planning a more optimize routes for each waste collecting vehicle. The video recording program supports the weighing information management, as it helps to verify the weighing events reliably. Data from other Tamtron applications can be combined with RCV Bin Lifter Scale’s data to further streamline material flows, track and trace waste, and improve invoicing, as well as route planning.