Adhesive kitchens and mixers for the plywood industry

Tamtron supplies adhesive kitchens and glue mixers for the plywood and LVL plywood industry, including phenolic and urea glues.

The adhesive kitchen has been developed to precisely solve the challenges of plywood plants. Optimal dosing of the glue mixer is based on accurate weighing and allows for continuous glue production. The glue mixer has a capacity of up to 2400 kg of glue per hour. Thanks to the liquid flow meter, the adhesive produced is of higher quality and uniformity.

  • Efficient glue production for plywood factories.
  • The glue is of very high uniformity.
  • Cleaning of the glue mixer is straightforward via an automated system.
  • The glue mixer can be seamlessly integrated into main processes and systems.

Efficient and integrable adhesive kitchen

The adhesive mixing technology is based on precisely dosed adhesive components mixed with water using technology developed by Tamtron. The system contains raw material handling equipment, tanks, a mixer, and accessories. Typically, the glue mixer includes a mixer unit, screw feeders, ready-mix glue and wash water tanks, and an automation control system. Cleaning the glue tank is quick and easy with an automated detergent program.

Depending on the application, the glue mixer typically has a 300-2400 kg/h capacity. The system is fully automated and can be integrated into the main processes. Delivery includes pre-processing study, design, equipment supply, and commissioning. Even old adhesive mixing equipment and automation can be modernized to meet today’s requirements.