Weighing and dosing solutions for mortar production - Drymix concept

Tamtron’s Drymix concept offers dry-and-mortar manufacturers the best possible dosing technology. The equipment and features between the silo cone and the packing machine allow the customer to achieve significantly better yields than with other technologies.

The core of the Drymix concept is based on Tamtron’s innovative solutions, which guarantee dynamic dosing accuracy, excellent plant availability with low maintenance costs and a uniform end product with very low wastage.

  • Dosing, weighing and blending solutions
  • Automation solutions
  • Dispensing is faster, more accurate and more repeatable than with conventional technologies.
  • Improved dosing accuracy: higher quality end product and reduced need for expensive additives.
  • Less waste thanks to reliable weighing and dispensing technologies.
  • Significant energy savings due to gravity dosing.
  • Lower operating costs: Tamtron fluidization technology is virtually maintenance-free
  • Fluid hoses and flap valves are entirely sealed, so no dust emissions exist.
  • The mixing technology has been developed specifically for producing dry and powdery materials.
  • A healthier and safer working environment.

Shorter payback period and higher return on investment with Tamtron weighing and dosing solutions

Tamtron’s technology and Drymix concept give customers several competitive advantages over other technologies. Waste is significantly lower, and plant yields are higher when using Tamtron’s dosing and weighing solutions. The process efficiency of the solutions enables less use of expensive additives to achieve high-quality end products.

Lower maintenance requirements give the plant better uptime compared to other technologies. By taking advantage of the benefits of Tamtron’s solutions, the payback period of the investment can be 1–2 years shorter than with other conventional solutions. The lowest total cost of ownership is achieved when Tamtron is involved in the project’s design stage. We use world-class suppliers for all equipment or manufacture it ourselves to ensure functionality and quality.

Tamtron’s automation system is based on modern and standardized Siemens hardware and Siemens/Windows software platforms. This means excellent local and remote services for customers at any time.

We take environmental values into account in our operations

The equipment, installations and services supplied by Tamtron are based on the principles of energy-efficient life cycles and optimal use of valuable raw materials. The technologies we use are energy-efficient and save natural resources.