Efficient dosing, weighing and mixing solutions for industry

Tamtron weighing and dosing equipment and systems are expertly designed and manufactured from high-quality components. Scales and instruments are designed according to EU-wide metrological standards.

The versatility of our technology enables accurate and reliable handling of a wide range of materials, including dry and powdered substances. Our expertise helps customers find the right components to ensure optimum process performance and minimise waste. Solutions are flexible and can be adapted to different process parameters, increasing cost-effectiveness.


  • Our long experience as a weighing, dosing, mixing, and conveying equipment supplier allows us to consider the big picture and deliver more efficient solutions.
  • Precise dosing equipment enables an optimal and efficient production process.
  • Material knowledge allows for the correct dosing techniques for different materials.
  • Yields are higher because the percentage of waste or quality deviations is lower.
  • The dosing accuracy of expensive raw materials is achieved within a smaller tolerance window.
  • Fluidisation technology enables a maintenance-free and user-friendly dosing method.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support ensure systems remain efficient and reliable throughout their life cycle.

Dosing process

Dosing of bulk materials can be done in different ways, for example, with belt valves from a storage silo, with a dispensing flap valve from a storage silo or via a horizontal tank according to the recipe. Regardless of the dosing method, Tamtron technologies provide accuracy and reproducibility.

The dosing process is controlled by Tamtron’s WA series of horizontal dispensing valves, with a local control system or as part of a plant overhead system.

In most industries, accurate dosing is critical to the quality of the end product or the repeatability of continuous processes. The dosing accuracy of a production process goes hand in hand with the process’s cost-effectiveness and the end product’s profitability potential. For the customer, Tamtron’s dosing technology translates into a better yield by reducing the percentage of wastage.


Bulk material receiving and loading systems with fluid technology

Larger plant or system installations typically involve receiving, transferring, and loading bulk materials. Tamtron offers a material transfer method based on the fluidisation of fine bulk material that it has developed. A small amount of dry, low-pressure air is passed through fluid elements at the bottom of the silo cone to the silo-material interface.

Fluidic devices allow the bulk material to be transferred by gravity in a fluid-like manner. As there are no motors, energy consumption is significantly reduced, and the efficiency of the production process is increased.

Mixing systems

Tamtron has supplied mixing systems for cement plants, mortar plants, glass factories, grain storage, food industry and chemical plants.

The low mixing speed results in a homogeneous product without unnecessary temperature rise.

We offer equipment for mixing materials:

  • Horizontal shaft mixers: suitable for dry materials
  • Vertical shaft mixers
  • Pneumatic mixers: dry raw materials are mixed and transferred pneumatically, e.g. to a storage silo


Design, deployment, support and maintenance

Tamtron’s holistic approach ensures that customer needs are effectively met throughout the procurement process. Experts provide advice and support on technical issues from the design stage onwards.

Full support is also available for deploying, including installation, equipment integration into existing processes, configuration and training.

Ongoing maintenance and support are also available to ensure systems remain efficient and reliable throughout their lifecycle. The production process often runs 24/7, so minimising production downtime and equipment failures is essential. This keeps production efficient and avoids unexpected repair costs.