Automation systems for weighing and dosing

We offer complete automation system supply from design to commissioning and after-sales service. We have supplied automation systems for weighing and batching to various industries, including building materials, chemicals, metals and food. Our long experience in bulk handling, weighing, and batching control system suppliers ensures that the plant is optimally controlled for optimal performance and reliability.

Tamtron’s automation technology makes it easy to maintain the systems throughout the life of the plant. Remote access and modern Profinet technology bring system diagnostics to a new level. Monitoring operations and troubleshooting potential problems can be done efficiently, regardless of time and place.

  • Advanced reporting, ease of use and secure remote support.
  • The system is easy to update, operating efficiently throughout the plant’s lifecycle.
  • Best possible dosing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Automation systems can be built into new industrial investments. Proven and modular technology allows for efficient system upgrades even when the plant is modernised.
  • Tamtron ensures that the plant always operates at its optimum to guarantee optimal performance and reliability. Our expertise is based on hundreds of delivered systems.

High-quality design and implementation of automation systems

In our automation system design work, we use proven solutions in both hardware and software. For example, the library of standard components created for the TIA portal has significantly accelerated the software design process.

For example, our solid experience is reflected in the advanced features of the Tamtron WA-951 input controller. The controller accurately controls, and monitors batch dosing with filling and emptying and automatically optimises process performance. This ensures optimum dosing accuracy and efficiency, even when process conditions change.

Our automation technology includes only the highest-quality components from the most renowned suppliers. Our automation systems are based on modern and standardised Siemens hardware and Siemens/Windows software platforms.

Our central system also has a prestigious FI certificate from the independent and accredited testing and certification company SGS Fimko. The certificate ensures that the cabinets are tested in accordance with current safety standards and are safe to use.

Virtualisation of PC hardware has many advantages

Another advantage of an automation system is the virtualisation of PC hardware. For example, virtualisation avoids constantly updating hardware and operating systems and ensures future software compatibility. Regular operation is quickly restored if a PC device breaks down because the operating system is virtualised. In addition, protection is in place in the event of a cyber-attack or other security threat, and recovery is more agile than in the traditional model.