For accurate and reliable weighing at the point of collection

Approved for commercial use, the Tamtron ANV On-board Crane Scale facilitates weight-based invoicing of waste and recycling materials, as materials can be weighed when emptying deep collection containers and other similar receptacles.

Tamtron ANV Onboard Crane Scale
  • Accurate to 0.1%
  • Approved for commercial weighing
  • Integration with vehicle PC and drive control systems
  • Long battery life: 80 hours


The Tamtron ANV On-board Crane Scale is controlled by a wireless remote control device, making it easy and safe to use. Information on the amount of waste and recycling materials collected is saved onto the remote control device, from where it can be transferred wirelessly to another device for the company to utilise.

Tamtron ANV On-Board Crane Scale


With the Tamtron ANV On-board Crane Scale, weighing information can be easily and reliably transferred to another device. Two options are available for data transmission: weighing information can be saved to the remote control device or it can be transferred wirelessly to the vehicle’s PC to be utilised further with weighing software integrated into the drive control or other system. Up-to-date weighing information makes advanced material management and weight-based invoicing possible, and facilitates better planning, streamlining and enhancing of the collection process.

  • Can be integrated into drive control, ERP and other systems to ensure reliable data transfer and real-time access to reports and operations monitoring
  • Can be integrated into an on-board PC
  • The weighing information is also saved to the scale’s remote control device, from where it can be transferred to other devices, if integration with a drive control system is not needed