Digitalize your weighing process - Real-time weighing data available for the whole organization.

Tamtron Digital Services empowers businesses from all industries across the spectrum to operate more efficiently, safely and profitably by offering reliability, accuracy, and real-time insights.

Weighing data serves as the cornerstone for critical processes, including:

  • Material Flow Management: Tamtron Digital Services facilitate precise control and transparency over material flows in real time, ensuring your supply chain operates seamlessly and without disruptions.
  • Invoicing: Tamtron Digital Services provide the tools to streamline your invoicing processes, minimizing errors and ensuring that your financial transactions are accurate and efficient.
  • Operations Management: Whether the operations are managed in-house or by outsourced services, the digital services provide the insights needed to optimize workflows, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity.

Tamtron Digital Services are available for wide range of applications:

  • Wheel loaders and other material-handling devices
  • Timber weighing
  • Crane scales, forklift truck scales and other material-handling devices for recycling sector
  • Truck Scales
  • Railway weighing
  • Container handling devices
  • Floor scales
  • Loading stations
  • Belt scales
  • Other industrial scales
What has always been important to us, is how to get weighing information best serve our customers' business: how it is easily communicated to all parties, and how it can increase transparency, streamline operations, make them speak the same language, and work together as flexibly as possible.
Tuomas Jussila, Business Development Manager, Digital Services

All weighing data management solutions have been developed in a customer-oriented manner and cooperation with our customers. Our advanced cloud-based digital services help streamline processes and material flows. Reliable and accurate weighing data is shared across the organization and stakeholders, simplifying reporting and decision-making and speeding up billing.

Customers have access to reliable and real-time weighing data that enables faster workflow, significant cost savings, and more responsible business by providing a way to meet regulatory, environmental, and other requirements.

Weighing software as a service

The customer receives the weighing software from us as a complete service. We are responsible for installing, maintaining, developing, and continuously updating new features. Tamtron Digital Solutions offer a user-friendly digital platform easily integrated into your ERP, TOS, invoicing or other systems.

SaaS-based weighing service offers numerous benefits:

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates: Software updates can be seamlessly delivered over the internet and the system can easily kept up to date, ensuring it functions optimally and remains secure without requiring on-site visits or manual installations.
  • Remote Maintenance: It allows for remote monitoring and troubleshooting of equipment or systems. Maintenance professionals can access real-time data and diagnostics from anywhere, enabling quicker responses to issues and reducing downtime.
  • Cost-Efficiency and Accessibility: SaaS applications are accessible via web browsers, making them accessible from any device with an internet connection. This accessibility enhances collaboration among maintenance teams and enables them to work efficiently from various locations.
  • Automatic Backup and Security: Automated data backups and robust security measures are part of the service ensuring that data is protected and reducing the risk of data loss due to system failures or security breaches.
  • Automatic updates: We deliver frequent updates and maintenance as well as regular feature updates and improvements. This ensures that the weighing solution stays up-to-date any given time and will be future fit investment.

Tamtron mScales – A turnkey solution to bring industrial weighing to the digital era

Tamtron mScales is a comprehensive turnkey solution designed to revolutionize industrial weighing processes and bring them into the digital era. It offers a seamless integration of all industrial scales, both old and new, into a unified digital grid. This grid covers all touchpoints of the weighing process, from the initial weighing transaction to data storage, analysis, and regulation-compliant reporting.

One of the key benefits of Tamtron mScales is its ability to automate critical weight-based material flows, which significantly enhances the efficiency of industrial weighing operations. By connecting all scales to a secure and resilient cloud-based system, mScales ensures that weighing data is captured accurately, processed efficiently, and made readily available for analysis and reporting purposes.

Possibility to connect with a variety of scales

The versatility allows for the connection of various types of industrial scales, including truck scales, on-board scales, floor scales, loading stations, and belt scales. It is also compatible with weighing devices from different manufacturers. To connect a scale to the mScales weighing service, a gateway device is installed on the scale, enabling seamless communication and data transfer.

In the case of truck scales, Tamtron mScales provides specialized software designed specifically for this purpose. This software collects weight data from the scale, processes it, and presents it to the user in a user-friendly format. This allows for efficient weighing of commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks and trailers, providing accurate weight information for various purposes, such as logistics, inventory management, and compliance with legal regulations.

Tamtron mScales – Digital weighing service

Maximise efficiency of your operations with Tamtron mScales.


Tamtron offers a range of digital services for railway weighing. These services allow for monitoring train loads to prevent rail damage and improve safety. They also include a wheel impact load detector that identifies issues like wheel flats and damage caused by material defects or fatigue. Tamtron’s commercial weighing solution, known as the Tamtron Trapper, is used by industries worldwide for accurate measurements in buying and selling valuable materials.  

Optical Character Recognition solutions with advanced image processing technologies enables optical documentation and identification of the rail vehicles. The data of vehicle numbers, container numbers, hazardous goods labels etc. are recognized via a OCR engine. Even detailed damage is documented and can be located in terms of time and assigned to the originator of the damage. The data can be accessed to all information via web-based interface – independent of location and time.

These services can be integrated into a customer’s information system or accessed in real-time via the Internet.

Tamtron OneCloud for Timber Crane scales – Increase the efficiency and fluency of for forestry segment

Tamtron’s One Cloud service for Timber weighing makes your business more. Reliable and accurate weighing data streamlines work and processes from forest to factory, improves data transfer and sharing across the organization and stakeholders, simplifies reporting and analysis, and speeds up billing.

Real-time weighing data is always at your disposal

In Tamtron’s One Cloud service, weighing data is easily accessible and shared across the organization. The data can be used to develop processes and entire business operations. Like all Tamtron Digital Services also One Cloud for Timber weighing is secure and easy to use.

Businesses in Forestry sector of all sizes benefit from the opportunities offered by One Cloud. When scales automatically send weighing data to the server after weighing, the data is always up-to-date and available when needed also via mobile devices.

Orders can be sent directly to the scale through One Cloud, and their completion can be acknowledged. Real-time availability of weighing data ensures that billing is possible immediately after weighing. Different from traditional receipts, data is never lost or delayed.

With One Cloud for Timber Scales, you receive:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Remote support
  • In the Finnish market LogForce integration

EXAMPLE OF DIGITAL SERVICES: Recycling and energy sector

The ever-growing recycling sector depends on accurate weighing that can be performed as part of the operational processes.

Our scales are well-suited for waste collection vehicles and wheel loaders. Additionally, we offer on-board crane scales and truck scales with steel and concrete decks commonly used in waste transfer stations, waste treatment facilities, and energy plants. These scales are verified for commercial use, and we also provide scheduled verifications as required by law.

With Tamtron weighing solutions and digital services for the recycling sector, companies can streamline material flows, track and trace waste and improve invoicing and route planning. With the help of intelligent cloud services, data is available in real-time throughout your organization.

Support for current WNexus users

Tamtron’s WNexus service is in active use among thousands of Tamtron customers and is a perfect solution for example wheel loader scales, material handling and container handling devices where two-way communication between the scale and WNexus service or ERP is essential. WNexus service is a cloud-based solution and can be easily connected via rest API integration to ERP, TOS or other companies’ solutions for easy access to weighing data. Over time, the WNexus solution will be replaced with a more modern mScales solution. However, Tamtron will continue to support customers using WNexus services until the transfer is made possible.

WNexus Support