BMH Technology is a cleantech company based in Rauma, Finland, founded in 1929, specialising in sustainable waste processing and solid biofuel solutions. It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of reliable fuel handling systems and a global service provider with local networks and partners. Tamtron designed and implemented a mobile modular weighing and dosing system for BMH Technology to dose granular sulphur to a belt conveyor according to a specific recipe.   

Tamtron is closely with the customer on OEM technology delivery to define the solution to the end customer at the point of supply. This allows the optimal solution to be selected and improves the OEM customer’s competitive position.

Tamtron (Tamtron’s Lahti unit, formerly known as Lahti Precision) installed a weighing and dosing system for BHM directly on the existing conveyor bridge. The system was assembled from standard solutions at the Tamtron factory according to BHM’s needs and is equipped with, among other things, two radio-controlled large bag lifters to transfer the bags to the large bag unloaders.

The supply includes internal electrical and automation cabling, internal and external lighting and electric hoists. Compressed air connections were also installed at the factory. The roof and wall structures were built according to the architect’s plans.

A modular system brings savings

The client chose the modular system because it is quick to install and can be deployed flexibly. The system offers significant savings in time and money, including investment costs.

“For BMH, the modular design simplified transport and ensured handling at the installation site, with limited storage space. The modular solution also reduced bulk material to a minimum, reducing the risk of loss. From an installation point of view, the design was good as the equipment was new to them, too. The modules were connectable, so there is very little chance of errors”, says Tuomas Pontela, Project Manager at BMH.

Tamtronin moduulirakenteinen järjestelmä tarjoaa selkeän ja huollettavan ratkaisun.

The weighing and batching solution added value

“The delivery gave BMH good experience in procuring and delivering equipment of this type. Tamtron also provided strong support during the commissioning phase. Our customer appreciates the clear design and good serviceability, which we believe has been achieved very well”, Pontela says and continues:

“The delivery project ran smoothly right from the request for quotation. The project progressed well despite the high and demanding specifications of the end customer. Comments were quickly taken into account, and we were also flexible in receiving the necessary documentation. Although granular sulphur as a material was new to Tamtron, the feeding equipment required was already known, tried, and tested. Tamtron demonstrated its professionalism with its refinements and adherence to delivery deadlines. If there is a need for a similar delivery, we will certainly ask Tamtron for another offer”, Pontela praises.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

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