The Froneri Group is the second-largest ice cream manufacturer in Europe and the third-largest in the world. The group operates in more than 20 countries around the world. In Finland, operations are based on over 80 years of domestic solid ice cream production expertise. Froneri Finland Oy produces ice cream at its Tureng factory, one of the largest ice cream factories in the Nordic countries. Tamtron has supplied the factory with weighing technology over the years, so it was also a good idea to modernise the weighing equipment with an experienced partner.   

“The replacement of the scales became a topical issue with the larger automation replacement project. The end-of-life weighing heads needed to be upgraded as planned. Even though the existing terminals had served very well, the availability of spare parts had deteriorated, and the time was right to start replacing the scales,” says Lasse Jaakkola, automation engineer at Froneri Finland Oy. In addition to the new weighing equipment, Froneri received modern interfaces.

The experience in food weighing was convincing

The modernisation solution from Tamtron (Tamtron’s Lahti unit, formerly known as Lahti Precision) proved to be technically very viable, and the choice of supplier was easy.

Froner’s long experience in food industry processes and problem-solving ensured that Froner could find the optimal weighing solutions. Accuracy, repeatability and reliability, and cleanability of materials and equipment to ensure hygiene were vital factors in the design. The decision was also facilitated by the fact that Tamtron knew Froner’s needs and had been involved in maintaining their scales for many years.

“It was easy to choose Tamtron because the previous weighing equipment had served us so well,” Jaakkola praises.

Froneri visited Tamtron’s reference site and decided on a similar installation approach. The equipment was installed alongside the old equipment during operation, and commissioning was completed quickly during a routine maintenance visit. The new weighing equipment has worked without any problems.

Tamtron acquired the Lahti Precision business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

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