Paroc Group is a Finnish supplier of stone wool insulation solutions, which is part of the global Owens Corning group. In addition to Finland, Paroc operates plants in Sweden, Russia, Lithuania and Poland. Paroc’s stone wool plant in Parainen is its only production facility in Finland. Tamtron carried out calibration of scales with an annual agreement and performed maintenance work as required since the 1990s in Lappeenranta and Parainen since 2010.

A calibration agreement is an easy way to ensure the proper functioning of scales

The calibration collaboration between Tamtron (Tamtron’s Lahti unit, formerly known as Lahti Precision) and Paroc encompasses the annual calibration of scales.

The plant in Parainen is equipped with platform, hopper and conveyor scales, which must be calibrated at set intervals to ensure their accurate and reliable operation. Maintenance visits are also carried out outside the schedule if the measurement results are imprecise.

“In practice, we are regularly in contact with the customer in matters related to the calibration agreement and agree on a suitable time for calibration together. Typically, a good time for calibration is when other downtime occurs. This way, calibration does not prevent or slow down production”, says Hannele Louhikallio, calibration manager at Tamtron.

Vaakojen kalibrointia Tamtronin asiantuntijan toimesta.

Evolving cooperation brings efficiency to business

Maarit Puurunen has worked at Paroc for 14 years. Since 2018, she has acted as the quality manager at Paroc Owens Corning’s plant in Parainen. Her duties include ensuring that the maintenance of scales is carried out on time.

“My contact with Tamtron began when I started in my current post, so my collaboration experience with the company is not extensive. However, my predecessor started a collaboration with Tamtron in 2012, so the shared history between the companies goes back a long way.”

Puurunen is very aware that reliable scales and measurement results are a must for developing business operations in the sector. Scales that function efficiently improve processes and contribute to the company’s brand image and business operations.

“Our collaboration has developed continuously, and the number of scales under the calibration agreement has increased. Precise scales boost the efficiency and accuracy of the production process, ensuring that we can offer our customers products of consistently high quality.”

Expert services save time and trouble

In production operations, the planning and scheduling of maintenance is essential to ensure that the efficiency of processes does not suffer due to these crucial measures.
‘This is made simple for us by easy access to flexible expert services. The production lines have to be stopped for inspections. This is where the flexibility on the part of the service provider is important, ensuring that the inspections of forklift scales and raw material scales do not cause disturbances”, explains Puurunen.

Tamtron’s expert team knows Paroc’s contact people and its facility in Parainen, which also contributes to successful calibration processes.

“Scales can be positioned in challenging locations, so the process is easier when Tamtron’s people know where to go and what to expect”, says Puurunen.

According to her, the company has been so happy with the collaboration that they have not considered putting the service out to tender, preferring to continue working with a partner that takes care of all aspects of the collaboration efficiently, from communications to invoicing.

“The way Tamtron operates creates an image of a company that offers excellent expert services and has an extensive experience of and long traditions in offering assistance and care to customers.”
Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

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