The question that has plagued people in different contexts throughout the modern mass industry is: can cheap be good? However, especially in industrial investment, affordability should most often be considered in terms of lifetime and operational sustainability rather than purchase price. Let’s take a floor scale as an example.

Quality floor scale is a far-sighted choice

Although the purchase price of a quality floor scale is higher, it is likely to be a more profitable purchase than an imported low-cost floor scale. In fact, in the long term, a quality and durable floor scale is likely to be cheaper, as the purchase price is spread over a longer life cycle and the equipment’s weighing accuracy, durability, and reliability are better.

Tamtron’s high-quality scales can also be certified for commercial use, which is a prerequisite for using the weighing result in the pricing of a product or service.

In addition, investing in quality is in line with modern megatrends, as quality components last longer and thus support sustainable development. A product with a known manufacturer and manufacturing processes is a responsible choice.

Long lifecycle for floor scales with regular maintenance and upgrading

Some of the most important factors affecting the lifetime of floor scales, like any scales, are maintenance and the availability of spare parts. A well-maintained scale improves reliability and reduces the number of unexpected production stoppages. Maintenance services for quality scales are often available as a service contract from the scale supplier so that the necessary spare parts are available already during the service visit. Service visits can also be scheduled so that they are known in advance and do not disrupt the daily routine of the company.

An imported low-cost floor scale assembled from cheap components might be impossible to upgrade or modernize. As individual components of a high-quality scale approach the end of their lifecycle or as the weighing requirements change, it is often worthwhile to modernize the scale. A quality scale from a well-known manufacturer can also be customised in terms of size and surface materials to suit the intended use.

If the customer so wishes, in addition to regular maintenance Tamtron can also take responsibility for periodic verification of scales.

Connectivity a prerequisite for modern business

One of the most important aspects of modern industry, now and especially in the future, is the connectivity of different parts of the business to automation and other business systems in the enterprise. This ensures seamless data mobility and timeliness across systems, and reduces human error.

The mScales digital weighing service developed by Tamtron links weighing-related activities into a weighing chain and the customer’s business systems.

High-quality floor scales available as rental solution

When there is no possibility or need to invest in a new floor scale, renting is a good alternative. In particular, a standard-size surface-mounted floor scale is easy to set up and can be easily moved to another location if necessary.

The rental floor scale will be connected to Tamtron’s mScales weighing service, which links individual weighing operations into a seamless chain and enables business development in many ways.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand


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